Preaching To The Choir


I found this late last night;

Nothing new…. for the community. We can not turn the storm around, its course can’t be altered at this point. Yes I am preaching to the choir. I suppose there is an awakening on a very large-scale, but for some strange reason it seems abstract to me.

No tears here, nor bitching about the meth heads, I do happen to get a very foul taste in my mouth. I sit here this morning amazed at the lack of preparedness…… I have to wonder how long I will hold a smirk? When reduced to living like rats…….

Zimmerman is on trial, for reasons and principles only the Black KKK could expand on, sadly the circus continues, because so many are afraid of the bogey man. Can you see my smirk? Why not ask Paula Dean, I am sure she could give you a dissertation on “Cracker” Duplicity abounds in our society, in our government and even in our Patriot Community.

How the fuck are we going to fix what is broken, knowing full damn well……… we can’t fix what is broken, because we are also broken. Yes I know…. Preaching to the choir. So we go to war with the Leviathan, and lets just say hypothetically…… we win. Now what? Will the carnage and the misery of a 10-15 year bloody war automatically fix the moral dilemma within Freefor?

Will the character of Freefor somehow be washed clean because of its involvement and horrific losses of children and family? How long will it take if we do win before the greed and corruption begin anew? What level of freedom are we willing to broker prior to shedding our blood and treasure?


Looking within at the current moment certainly does not produce favorable results, so many I have had discussions with claim…….. ” Only when there is enough pain”  I happen to belive it’s not a pain threshold that will start the beginning of the reindeer games. Mental Illness is rampant in our society, there could be no other logical reasoning for the current conditions.

Sickness……… A year ago I would have rejected the very idea that it was a spiritual lacking or sickness, today I am not so sure. Even in our own community the veracious back biting and ham-stringing can be seen on a daily basis. Again how are we going to fix what is broken, when we can’t even broom the shattered pieces of our own collective into a single pile on the filthy floor?

The Republic is gone, we lost her long ago. What will ensue after Pandora’s box is cracked wide open…….  Will Freefor find the structure and the moral compass or will we continue to devolve into what we claim we hate so much?

How will we prevent the cannibalism of Freefor after years of barbarism, will the mighty Creator help us, will we have the strength and the spiritualism? Or will we rage war as a colony of rats for all eternity? Will the universe align just right for the New Republic?

Savagery is savagery…… The human Condition will never change. How many people will need to be slaughtered for Freedom this time? Perhaps it’s really not actually about Freedom, perhaps a savage will always be a savage.

You do understand not one drop of blood would need to be spilled, we could take our Republic back peacefully………. But that’s not what Savages do. Forget about wasting the “man’s” time standing around the water cooler shooting the shit………. Head on over to the black cauldron…. we need help stirring the long pig.

I know I Am Preaching To The Choir.


2 thoughts on “Preaching To The Choir

  1. I’ve posted the following on a few blogs. It’s in response to the Zimmeran trial sparklie chasing I’ve noticed and it’s disturbing character.

    What I find disturbing is the macho posturing storm in progress, throughout much of the online Patriot community, of numerous tough guys shouting “bring it on niggers, we have guns, we are ready to fight.”
    How sad and pathetic is that?
    Mind you now, these rabble rousing posers stand idly by while the Constitution, BOR, sovereign citizens and our Republic is constantly raped(literally and physically) and do nothing. However, simply float rumors that some black members of the multi-racial, brain dead, sheeple herd(that is much of America) may openly act violent and ignorant, and the aformentioned warriors are building sandbagged fighting positions screaming, “to arm, to arms!”
    Piss on that, you fanatical chasers of glory hole sparklies.
    Surprisingly, there is no shortage of impotent logging on, posting, commenting and posturing, as unmatched experts of guerrilla warfare, ready to fight second war of American independence.
    Yeah, right.
    Happy Independence Day, defenders of our Constitutional Republic.

  2. it is as you say. no amount of talk will fix anything. bravado is nothing without action. I don’t see action. just more lines drawn in the receding horizon. each crossed without response.

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