Where do I begin? For starters I want to first state this is not an attack against anyone….. it is information!

We have discussed in the past the conflict of the locals in Idaho concerning the Citadel, I stated that much has to do with the large Mormon Population, Idaho has the second largest Mormon population in the CONUS.  Before we get into the meat and potatoes, Romneys loss in 2012 ………………………………..

Sam and company were recently interviewed by Glen Beck, I have been racking my brain…. Human interest story? Why was Beck so deeply interested that he interviewed them on his show.

Before I go any further I want to make this prediction, the Citadel and Three Arms purpose is really not known to many, perhaps not even to Sam and Company, make no mistake about it there is a purpose, perhaps a divine purpose. No I have not become a born again. I have my beliefs, and they do not align with the INSTITUTION.

I now understand why Beck is throwing his weight behind Sam and Company ( please note: This is my assertion ) While watching the interview it became quite obvious if Beck had wanted to make Sam and company feel more uncomfortable than they already were…… He could have! ( this is not an attack on Sam & Company)

No Glenn was very gracious and patient, he understood the folks he was interviewing where nervous… and rightfully so. I have in the past criticized Beck for many things that were probably over my pay grade, the jury is still out on that one …. but is likely a true statement, only time will tell.

There is a significance to the area Sam & Company are moving to, and as stated it has a large Mormon population. I want you to remember this sentence. ” The Constitution is Hanging by a Thread” And it is! How does this statement….. Sam and Company along with Glenn Beck all tie in?

This is a Mormon Prophecy by Joseph Smith, Keep in mind it is very controversial within Mormonism, and the past and current Mormon leaders still do not recognise it as canon.

“…at a certain point, the Constitution would ‘hang by a thread’ and the leaders of the LDS Church would come forth to protect and restore the Constitution. Despite the continued controversy regarding the authenticity of this account, the White Horse Prophecy has been embraced by Mormon culture. Mitt Romney has denied that it is part of his own beliefs, despite his father’s own stance on the subject (he felt that Mormons would, in fact, save the Constitution). Glenn Beck has referred to this in his own crazed rants over and over. The White Horse prophecy is embedded into the very fabric of Mormonism.”

Here is another:

And it is embedded into the fabric of Mormon Culture.

W. Cleon Skousen – The Man Behind Glenn Beck

Make sure you also read this:

Check out his Wiki:

The man was far ahead of his time, WAY ahead of his time. And the Mormons might not be so crazy after all. There is abundant proof the Templars were here in America long before Columbus.

Yes I am aware it is a lot of data. The Mormons believe Jesus traveled to America, and he was aware of the future Constitution.

Mormons do believe that following his crucifixion (Matthew 27), resurrection (John 20), and ascension (Acts 1) in Jerusalem, Jesus visited the peoples living in the Americas (Book of Mormon, 3 Nephi 11). He descended from heaven, lighted upon their temple and said,

If you have done any past reading of the Templars you are familiar with their flag.

The Nina:

Cross of Lorraine, the original Templar Cross:


We are where we are supposed to be, the history books are cooked. Sam and Company will be very successful…… Because they are where they are supposed to be. Surreal? You Betcha! We have not heard the last from Glenn Beck or The 111 Citadel. Never forget the books are cooked, and our history was written falsely. The Mormons might just have it right, at least some of it!



  1. Bill – as usual you connected dots I had not considered – I did not know the Mormons were such a large populace in Idaho, and now many, many lights are triggering in my mind. Among ourselves we all noted that Beck could have ended the entire Citadel concept with a simple “They are wackadoos” comment – and by the end of the interview he was convinced that we were not crazy. Off camera immediately after the interview, he wished us luck (and I’ll send you an email with another insight from the hotel tonight – I suspect it will tie even more loose ends together in your mind as well – yes, it does make sense now, and I have more reading to do as a result!)

    I think you are right – the Citadel may have unseen currents of support even I hadn’t noticed…

    Darned good job connecting dots!


    • Sam thanks for the kind words! What I found the most interesting was the data that is out there in regards to Beck, Mormons, and Romney…… and the Mormon Prophecy. The left attacking them for this very concept, even Beck’s mentor was sleazed big time.

      I believe 14% of Idaho’s population is Mormon, I wrote a while back that I had lived in the area for a few years working for my dad at the resort; I also went to school in Provo, Utah. I do happen to believe there is something much bigger than all of us at work. The Universe might just align as needed!

  2. Well. it’s kinda like this, in the county where the proposed Citadel project is going, the mormon population is insignificant. The greater majority of the mormon population is in the southern region of our state, not up north. The opposition and concerv about the citadel is not mormon based

    As for mormon prophecies…..spare me.

    A “religion” that was started by a flim flam man, that is totally out of sinc with what the Bible, the Word of God says………..quit drinking the kool aid.


    • Bob,

      Last time I checked my glass….. Was filled with Coors Light, The Mormon population is 23% in the state. Yes the majority do reside in the SE portion of the state. The premise of the post was…. and is WHY WAS BECK so interested in the project. As Sam stated there was a conversation with Beck after the filming that aligns with my premise.

      Here Bob perhaps this will help:
      If you wre to have debated the premise instead of injecting old regional hatreds,……….. Why not list your reason as to your premise of the

      As far as the Mormons go……Bob, I can find a whole shit load of flim flams and outright lies and misconceptions in your so called sect as well. So please spare me. I read and study what is intriguing to me, not spoon fed lies from the institution.

  3. Very interesting take on things, took me a bit to get through all the links, but I did and it is something to contemplate. One other note, I bet Skousen would be very dissapointed by what Orin Hatch has become.
    Miss Violet

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