I was reminded recently that the struggle will plausibly play out for quite some time, the deconstruction of the Republic can’t and won’t happen in a few years. Granted we must comprehend all that has happened in the 90 plus years thus far.

The reverse engineering that is taking place will not present us with a better new business model, but you already know this. Yes? I was also reminded by the same gent that our priorities in the movement is a tad skewed. A balanced approach utilizing the concept of Local, Local, Local……… would be the wisest.

Name dropping? No not today. Yet what I can share is……… His and her bags are packed and ready for a trip to Idaho. You will not control your destiny if YOU DO NOT CONTROL YOUR FOOD ON A LOCAL LEVEL. I have preached and preached, I even went so far as to start an affordable Heirloom Garden Seed Business. To some my words today are self serving…… They are not!


I have my guns and ammo, I also have my gardens and feeder livestock, it all has been a royal pain in the ass, more work than I ever wanted, there is gratification from it all…… Do not confuse my words. Our society and the cattle have been conditioned to accept the document dump on Friday afternoons as normal, the luster of the outrage and shock factor is gone………. normalcy, just another day in the Republic.

We are slowly being raped over and over….. the only concern seems to be ” Are you wearing a condom?” And it will continue possibly well past our lifetimes, as I was recently reminded. It is logical that unless there is an uprising…….. the raping will continue, year after miserable year.

Perhaps I am just a loon……. I have stated in the past to use this as a guide. ” 7-10 years ago could you have imagined where we sit as a nation today?”

Now ask yourself……… “Can you imagine where we will be 5-10 years from today?” I am not quite sure that I can take 2 more years let alone another 20 plus. Mark my words, if you do not radically change the way you live and consume, you will not live, neither will your family. You must take control of your food on a local level.

Long- term food storage, short-term food storage, gardens and garden seed. Water, water filtration, hogs, rabbits, chickens. Everyday that passes places you in a more compromised position to prep and prepare. You will continue by design to earn less money, you will by design continue to struggle to pay your bills, you will by design continue to go without because of rising tax burdens. You will continue by design to be enslaved.

Our lives have been systematically transformed, our way of life has been systematically transformed, our republic has been systematically transformed, it’s not going to STOP. Yes I suppose we will wait until Rubio and Company ride in on the white stallions to save the day. Your right to grow and harvest your own food has been systematically transformed. My diatribe today is not a plea…………. Ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse.

If you do not have a comprehensive understanding of what is happening around you at this point…….. YOU ARE A DUMBASS. And your bloodline has no business living on to reproduce. It is in the papers, on the radio, it’s on TV. There is no fucking way you could not possible understand what is happening. Prepping is now full-blown mainstream, you can’t turn on the dummy box without seeing a commercial about long-term food storage or garden seed.

Take a close look at Egypt, it after all is a proper demonstration of what we may face here in America, Civil War…….. Revolution? Or a hybrid?

Your Government is lying to you, those standing at the pulpits of the places you worship are lying to you, the food manufactures are poisoning you. Corporate America is robbing us blind and controlling our government.

Your children are being poisoned and enslaved, what the fuck are you doing about it? Every damn thing you think you know is a fucking lie…… The history books are cooked, our religious leaders are corrupt, our banking system is a fraud and our Government is fornicating with the devil himself.

Let me share a little secret with you……. no, come closer…… closer. EVEN YOUR PRECIOUS NEW TESTAMENT was written by MAN to control and enslave you! Get hacked off at me…. I don’t care……. I understand full well who has my back. I am A religious man, I believe Christ died for me, I believe in the Father………. I do not accept the lies and the fairy tales.

The Baby Jesus will not save the day…. nor has he ever. We are left to our own devices. And it’s not a pretty picture, it’s about time you figure out the cockroaches have infested your Republic. No go suck your thumb, the Baby Jesus will be around post-haste to tuck you in and hand you your blankey.

Understand POWER is FOOD, you need to control it. It has been this way for thousands of years. Many fine folks have purchased affordable bulk Heirloom Garden Seed from me…….. What would happen if I got arrested, died of a stroke? My wife can’t carry on the business…….. What if I got pissed off and sold the business, or shut it down for private sales only to the Militia… or to the Citadel. I would highly recommend stocking a freezer chock full of affordable heirloom seed while you can. Who knows I might just shut it down, and there will be no spring 2014 Cheap Garden Seed.

I get many e-mails thanking me for what I am doing…. many e-mails. Thank you all! The business has to support itself, I have several choices…… raise prices, or continue with the current business model of affordable seed that requires volume sales. without the VOLUME sales I am left with very few options.

I am about done with advertising as well, it’s a waste of money. The only thing that will keep the current business model in place is YOU! Help me spread the word, I am not asking anyone to sell the proverbial farm and buy seed. I am asking that you tell your friends and family, help coach them.


Just the citizens spend 111 million dollars, can you wrap your mind around it? Just think if they had spent it on Heirloom Garden Seed……… Now that would be an Independence Day Celebration! No Instead they continue to bitch the shackles are chaffing their wrists.



    Washington state gets rid of sexist language

    In Washington state, the word “freshman” is out. And “first-year student” is in. In total, 40,000 words have been changed as part of an effort to rid state statutes of gender-biased language.

    The bill, signed into law earlier in the year by Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, went into effect this week.

    And it was no small task. “This was a much larger effort than I had envisioned. Mankind means man and woman,” Democratic state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles of Seattle told Reuters.

    “Fisherman” is now a “fisher.” “Penmanship” is called “handwriting.” And “manhole cover” is, well, still “manhole cover.” Some words don’t have an easy replacement.

    Others do: “His” is now “his and hers.” “Clergyman” is now “clergy.” “Journeyman plumber” is now “journey-level plumber,” according to the Daily Mail.

    According to Reuters, Washington is the fourth state to officially remove gender-biased language from the law. Others are Florida, North Carolina and Illinois. Nine other states are considering similar gender-neutral laws.

    “Words matter,” Liz Watson, a National Women’s Law Center senior adviser, told Reuters. “This is important in changing hearts and minds.”

    France recently officially banned the term “mademoiselle” from official documents. The Gallic term means “miss,” and French officials contended it forced women to acknowledge their marital status.

    The French also bid adieu to “maiden name,” which they dismissed as “archaic.” They should know: Paris only recently got rid of a law that banned women from wearing pants.

    ~The bill, signed into law earlier in the year by Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee, went into effect this week.~
    ~”Words matter,” Liz Watson, a National Women’s Law Center senior adviser, told Reuters. “This is important in changing hearts and minds.”~

    As your current post makes clear, “The beat goes on.”

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