More Lies From Sopesy Street And company

EDIT: I inadvertently left out an important link, it has been updated and inserted.

I am very……. very …….. very confused. Che and Company seem to have missed the boat yet again. It’s sad, it really is.

Che was far too scared to hand out empty magazines in Colorado….. Hey Vanderboegh… Looks like Adam the Man is stealing your thunder.

Here is a compilation of Che’s kind words for our dear Adam. Hey Che just how many times can you be wrong?

Go back and read what Che and company have been printing about Adam, if you can’t put the pieces of the puzzle together……. YOU MY FRIEND ARE A DUMB ASS.

Not go ask Sopesy…… Who Do You Work For? Anyone got a pink brick?

2 thoughts on “More Lies From Sopesy Street And company

  1. Thanks for keeping people up on this, Bill. Leave to a communist to call Adam a socialist. I bet none of the brick throwers have ever listened to Adam or have any idea what he stands for. In my book, he has more patriot blood running through his veins than all of those idiots combined.
    Josh R.

    • Thanks Josh… I saw the e-mail, yahoo is giving me fits and I could not reply. Matter of fact my comp has also been acting up as well.

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