2 thoughts on “Dead Men Tell No Tales

  1. If you ask me, a dead Socialist is a good Socialist. Beware the Fabian Window. Kennedy was no Saint. The lines couldn’t be any more clearer. Maybe, just maybe, JFK was about to roll on his lifelong groomers. Maybe, just maybe, the sun had shined on the dogs ass hidden deep in his heart long enough for him to want to tell us about the horrors we would face in the future. At any rate… Amazing what an M-14 will do to the human head isn’t it? READY LEFT? READY CENTER? READY RIGHT? Shooters, you may commence firing once your taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargets apppear. Get those DOG targets high in the sky, rounds coming down range! Let’s see… Whitman, check. Oswald, check… DO NOT follow the white rabbit is all I’m going to say. Study your symbolism and know them for what they are. Me a loon? No Sir. Just observant. The Monarch Butterfly is all over this one.

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