Nothing too shocking this morning. I saw this comment over at Craig’s place early this morning……

theelderdragon15601 says:

I might point out to you how the excrement has hit the oscillation device here. Or how many prepper blogs have gone silent, because they ain’t prepping any more, they are surviving. That’s the case here with me now. If ya want some giggles, I’ll video the next fist fight I see happening over a road kill deer. The collapse is here and I’m living in the middle of it. I won’t get far living in a boat hull that has no skin. I got food for another decade, and I still got my pride. but what I don’t have is cash. There’s my priorities.

In another post Craig points this out: http://lagunamadrepirate.wordpress.com/2013/07/09/heh/

I also ran across this…………………………………………………..

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that a total of 101,000,000 people currently participate in at least one of the 15 food programs offered by the agency, at a cost of $114 billion in fiscal year 2012.

People are living in tent cities all over AmeriKa, folks are still reeling from the aftershocks of the financial collapse of 2007, THINGS ARE NOT GETTING BETTER! Unless you live and work near DC.


If you are lucky enough to have a full-time job……..You are being abused, and you have but no choice to accept the fact. We have been transformed as a nation. We are a country full of psychopaths and rats digging through the garbage to quell the hunger pangs.

But I suppose you already know this, you are aware of your surroundings and your perception is keen? My household is still reeling from the shock waves of 2007 to present. It has not been the same, we have lost over 50% of our income. Yet we do feel fortunate that we live in a Texas economy, albeit the Pretty Boy Governor took a stack full of cash from Uncle Sugar.

Poverty in the rural areas is quite prevalent, granted folks are still eating because of Uncle Sugars monthly stipends. What will happen to a financially weakened society if the crack payments are ever taken away? We all know and understand what will happen. So how will Uncle Sugar keep up with the demand?

I am also aware that the system is being manipulated and there are many capable people out there that are sucking the teet, fuck it ……. seems to be the sentiment. As I have pointed out in the past on many occasions…. we are all free shit army.

I started the Heirloom Garden Seed business for many reasons, I understood my business model would NOT turn me into a Rockefeller, this was a given. Offering a fair shake on garden seed seemed a no brainer, I even turned down tens of thousands of dollars in sales to the Bullhorn Guy, keep in mind that was just the first Purchase Order they sent, the follow-up sales would have been phenomenal.

I stayed the path, I ignored the advice of a few gents I have an abundant amount of respect for. The business is solid, and profitable! Yet it does not generate enough profit to warrant running it full-time. The expenses to run it require cash flow, the poorer America becomes… well you know the story.

Too few are willing to plant gardens to feed their families, too few understand just how much garden seed should be kept on hand, three pounds of seed is NOT a Lifetime worth of garden seed. But you already know this, don’t you?

I have been offered a opprotunty to set up a small storefront in rural PA, to sell to the locals to include the Amish, the local gardens here in east Texas, really are non existent. There is a small smattering here and there, the dirty secret about rural Texas is…………. Most could not grow a garden to save their lives.

I have to figure out a way to sell my Heirloom Garden Seed selectively, as things continue to get worse… and they are! The demand will skyrocket, just as guns and ammo did. Priorities right now are a tad skewed because of the monthly checks being handed out.

If I open the storefront in PA, the business model will involve traveling to many small towns in PA, NY and Ohio weekly. I am not sure about internet sales at this point. Much to consider, I do know this…… both options are a gamble, yet I have to choose from one. We have sold thousand of pounds of Heirloom Garden Seed, I am very grateful!

Being able to pay the bills is a must, it is not happening at this point. I will not turn the business into a carnival barking session. If I have to constantly remind people of their own situations and reasonings as to why they should try and feed their families…….

Private sales to those that helped promote the business will continue. Pimping out to third parties at highly discounted rates will end. I will announce when the price increases are to begin, and yes they will be in line with the rest of the industry.

I stated in the past I would not raise prices to the community, and I won’t, they will now be private sales…… negotiated. Industry standard rates will apply to anyone else. The Patriot Package that sells for 95 bucks shipped…….. The industry standard price point is around 250 bucks or more.

The private sales will require a minimum purchase. It is the only way to stay profitable. I have but no choice to revamp the current business model of volume sales and low price points, without the volume…… you go broke.


18 thoughts on “TENT CITIES and AmeriKa

  1. I can understand a need for the business model change. Just had work done on the car ($$$)… But I’ll be purchasing seed for my mom’s spread real soon.

    As always, kudos to you Bill.

    • Ms. fox,

      You have always been a loyal customer… Prices will hold for you. It’s really my own fault, I overestimated the demand and possible sales when I put together my business model. That and a few haters…. it’s all good the business will remain, loyal customers will still get decent prices. The other sales will have to be more in line with industry standard. I suppose I am turning into the Soup Nazi.

      I now will determine who gets what pricing.

      • Lol. “No soup for you!!”
        In all honesty, I don’t blame ya. Look at our current banking/lending system…It’s all a “who ya know” game now. (Unfortunately, everybody I know is broke now. )
        When in Rome….

        • Yes many folks are struggling. That is part and parcel, yet many refuse to do much about it… let alone feed themselves. This is an observation in the area I live in. Up north went I went to PA, that was not the case…..those folks know how to get it done, and they do not intend on starving. I need to go where the business is.

          • It’s amazing. I don’t know if its fear or disillusion keeping folks from self sufficiency. I try to explain to people that in order to afford to move back to Arizona, I had to cut back. Far back. I ate out of that garden for the last 6 months. About 50% of my diet came out of my mom’s yard. And on top of that, I had the opportunity to feed others as well as my parent’s horses. This is a fucking no brainer. I’m not gonna lie, it was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done. I have no intention to stop though, just waiting for the triple digits to subside…

            • Ms. Fox,

              I just got off the phone with Craig, we discussed this very subject. It’s Uncle Sugar’s cash he is spreading around. I am so glad your garden worked out.

  2. I believe people put too much faith in copper & lead, and forget that they will need to feed the organic machine that operates the mechanical one.

    Food will be worth more than anything else when things get ugly. If one decides not to feed himself today, I’m not going to cry too much when he’s hungry tomorrow.

    • Bonnie,

      Agreed! I am done banging my head against the wall….. It’s time for some folks to pay full market price. Tired of the doormat treatment, the business is here for the community, if the community does not support it……The rock bottom pricing goes away. I have had a wonderful amount of support and folks helping to support the business. I have to take a new direction if I want to keep the doors open, there is simply not enough volume from the community.

  3. You have to do what you need to do.

    I bankrupted myself trying to help “the community” in the 90’s by fighting the AWB. After all the frustration at the apathy, liars, snitches, rats, and just flat out dumb ass’s, I figure – screw ’em.

    Yeah, while they were all hoarding mags and “assault rifles” during those times, I naively believed if enough of “us” put pressure on Washington, we could stop it and not have to hoard anything. The only problem is, I was a lone voice.

    Now, with food shortages looming, I’ll do what I can to provide for my family and “tribe”. You can only bang your head against the wall for so long.

    Do what you need to do. You’ve provided a heck of a good service to those with any kind of perception of the world around them. I’m glad I was able to get a double Patriot package. Wish I had more. I’ll be in touch regarding some future purchases, but not this month. Broccoli and corn do real well on my place. I’m going to try to put some seed up for next year to grow some for the local farmer’s market. Even if your prices are the same as the “other guys”, I’ll buy from you.

    (on a side note, after we got a few good rain storms, my Ghost pepper plants have really taken off)

    • Sanders your comment rings true… sadly! I also struggled with my Ghost Peppers, I foolishly tried to germinate them outside when it was far too cold. After they get started…. they are hardy.

  4. All that free Gov’t food must have freed up a bunch of cashola for the masses.
    You would never have known the economy was so bad if you had been around here on the Fourth.
    It was insane.

    I would dearly love to buy a package of your seed my friend but I live in a rental with a small back yard and an anal landlord.
    He would shit a ring around himself if I tore up his precious back yard.

    Growing in buckets is out too.

    I just may surprise you one of these days though.
    Keep me on your short list.

    • Busted… thanks! It’s all good! Long story short, I was off with my business model. I will in the future sell at comparable prices.

  5. SJCO,


    I appreciate what you do and I will order more seeds soon…..

    I hope to meet you in the near future and myself and “that wayward pirate” can drag you out to the range so you can be abused by a fire beltching, shoulder bashing M44.

    (I still need to find out if Saiga for someone makes an AK variant chambered in 7.62*54R ???)

  6. I understand what your saying! Also agree with everything said above, looks like I better get off my butt and order! I have quite a bit of seed stocked but not what you carry. Hope to have the cash next month. I’ll be in contact.

  7. Bill,

    You damn well do what you need to do. Those that have sense have already bought from you and will continue to do so. I knew that “market saturation” would set in at some point. Our circle of Patriots, Preppers and hard-cases is relatively small considering. But one thing you need to remember as you go on, is that you may well have saved some lives with these seeds. We won’t forget it.

  8. Well let me say Bill I just got my seed from you.I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.I will be back to purchase more very soon.I was wondering if you have any plans to stock dent corn.

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