Fool Proof Gun-Grabbing


Can anyone else hear the crickets? Damn they are loud this morning.

I suppose the silence should not strike me as odd, I have come to accept the ignorance and the fatally flawed conditioning in the community.

Read this piece by Tom Baugh first.

Now hop on over to WRSA, and read the delightful intellectual responses from the gallery. I thought is was a great article. Make sure to read all the comments.


9 thoughts on “Fool Proof Gun-Grabbing

  1. This really makes me sick. How was it okay for David Gregory to bring a “high capacity” magazine on live television in D.C. but Kokesh will probably end up serving time and losing his 2nd amendment right for the same offense? They need their double standards shoved up their collective ass. It also makes me sick that the so-called patriot community doesn’t support him in the least. He has done more for liberty than the majority of them combined. What a crock of bullshit.

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    • Josh,
      Damn good questions! Now ask yourself…… July4th Patriot? Waco? Ruby Ridge? And the list goes on and on. Now ask yourself this…… Who do the Merry leaders in the community really work for?

      Vanderboegh? Rhodes? Who is cutting their paychecks?

      • I don’t give Vanderboegh or Rhodes an ounce of credit. Rhodes is no different than any other LEO, regardless of what his nice little Oath Keeper patches and stickers say. They both live on .gov’s dime as far as I’m concerned. Adam will suffer the same fate as Charles Dyer just so they can finally shut him up. It’s just too bad, like liberals, that two more of us aren’t created every time you silence one of us.

      • To be fair V has been out today, so let’s see if he raises the issue tonight/tomorrow.

        R? Ha! His group won’t honor their oath until and unless SCOTUS says it’s ok to do so.

  3. I just put up a blog today on this very subject and working over here in Europe has given me much Insight into incrementalism. I think we’re screwed in the US and I don’t think it’s possible to fight incrementalism if they do it right introduce things very slowly. It’s only when they collapse it too soon people get completely desperate and have nothing left to lose TPTB’s plans are foiled. Short of that were screwed.. I’ve been having conversations with people from Greece Italy Croatia and all over southern Europe and I asked them why people don’t start stringing up corrupt politicians. They all said it’s been done before many times they’ve all had revolutions and nothing has changed.

    • That’s because it is the corrupt bureaucrats that need stringing up, too. If you get rid of the politicians, but leave the bureaucrats, then nothing will change – ever. Look to China – they have a 2,000 year old bureaucracy. Rulers and politicians have come and gone, but what has really changed?

      The primary purpose of any bureaucracy is to perpetuate itself.

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