7 thoughts on “GROW A PAIR DIO

  1. Why do you care what dio writes? He didn’t call you out by name and I know many in the “Patriot movement” that his words could apply to. Who cares what other people do/think ? Isn’t Freedom and Liberty about doing your own thing? I think your seed idea is great and I was going to buy from you until this rant. I understand your passion, but dude who really gives a damn about blogger wars when the damn ecomony is about to collapse and we have lawless elites who pick and choose laws to enforce or in force them based on if you are member of the “club”?
    Please, stop and worrying about others and watch your lane/life. You probaly have many things more important to worry about than what som internet blogger wrote!

    • Truth can be painful. Jamie, you don’t know the whole story. Bill is a good man, true to his word. You couldn’t find a more honest man if you tried. He is just warning you not to trust certain individuals. Bill and I have good reason not to trust some people, that we gave our trust to, and had that trust broken.

  2. See Sea, I don’t know the whole story! I’m listen to all and then make my decisions but what anyone else does in life is not relavant to me and how I live my life. If someone wants to storm the gates or go hermit or “starve the beast” good for them!
    I would not have a problem if you disagree with a person’s choices and why you may think they are wrong. But this thing about egos and they said bad things and I will call them out on my blog and so forth seems foolish at best and probably a waste of time at worse! Okay, you don’t like dio and….. Exactly what good did you do but just rant a bit? Nothing wrong with a rant, I do so myself from time to time but if you want to sell something it might be wise not to piss off any potential customers who might disagree with you.

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