OK, I think I understand……………………….. Remington is BAD because /

“JES commented on this story with sentiments that mirror my own:”

I am a Federally Licensed firearms dealer and I have discontinued selling Remington firearms and ammunition. When they move out of NY, I will add Remington products back to my inventory. Until then, they are IMHO supporting anti-Second Amendment zealots. Oh, I am also a former New York Stater and happy to be gone from the state.

Yet zero heartburn or mention of this…………………………………………..

“Today’s review examines the stock Remington chose to use on the LTR.  The HS Precision Urban Police, model PST59.  The stock is a departure from the heavy PSS stock (HS model PST12).  Weighing in at only 40 ounces, this stock is equivalent in weight to a loaded handgun. “

Of course Remington is smarter than you think and will not acknowledge the Stock from H&S Precision. Here is the specs from Remington on the stock.

“features a slimmed down stock to improve portability and reduce weight.”

Then we have this…. Further confirmation!

Matte black, HS Precision semi-beavertail, Palm-Swell
LTR stock is slimmed
down to save weight and size.



Che’s Own Words

Using Baby Killers to Pimp Your Products

“For those of you who recall Ruby Ridge and Waco, Lon Horiuchi needs no introduction. He took the shot that killed Mrs. Weaver while she was holding her 10 month old baby and was a sniper at Waco with the FBI’s Hostage Roasting Team.”

“Now, we have a rifle company using Horiuchi’s name in an ad pimping their rifles.”

“H-S Precision has this ad on the back of one of their catalogs, signed by none other than “I swear I didn’t know it was her when I killed her” Horiuchi. The link:”

1 thought on “Hypocrisy

  1. Lon Horiuchi is a murderer sanctioned and promoted by the FBI. I’ll not support any company that promotes Horiuchi. You can’t whitewash this act at all.

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