The Age of Reason


There are always two sides of a story, I am not promoting either, mere information. Information does not alway represent the TRUTH. The truth can sometimes be held close to ones heart. The truth however can be very damaging to a society or tribe.

When the truth is known by more than one individual………………………………..  It then becomes a Powerful and Dangerous Mechanism. Yet the true power of truth will always be the individuals that fear it.

Information can and will always be skewed for personal gain of a few.

Deism holds that God does not intervene with the functioning of the natural world in any way, allowing it to run according to the laws of nature. For Deists, human beings can only know God via reason and the observation of nature, but not by revelation or supernatural manifestations (such as miracles) – phenomena which Deists regard with caution if not skepticism. See the section Features of deism, following. Deism does not ascribe any specific qualities to a deity beyond non-intervention. Deism is related to naturalism because it credits the formation of life and the universe to a higher power, using only natural processes. Deism may also include a spiritual element, involving experiences of God and nature.[17]

      THE AGE OF REASON – PART I and II    By Thomas Paine

The U.S. Founding Fathers: Their Religious Beliefs


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