“I Don’t Know The Whole Story”


Received this comment……..

Jamie commented on GROW A PAIR DIO

See Sea, I don’t know the whole story! I’m listen to all and then make my decisions but what anyone else does in life is not relavant to me and how I live my life. If someone wants to storm the gates or go hermit or “starve the beast” good for them! I would not have a problem if you disagree with a person’s choices and why you may think they are wrong. But this thing about egos and they said bad things and I will call them out on my blog and so forth seems foolish at best and probably a waste of time at worse! Okay, you don’t like dio and….. Exactly what good did you do but just rant a bit? Nothing wrong with a rant, I do so myself from time to time but if you want to sell something it might be wise not to piss off any potential customers who might disagree with you.

The problem at hand is……….“I don’t know the whole story” Many do not.  Fear not there will come a time…… when most appropriate, a document dump with collaboration from another individual will happen…….. ” When It’s Appropriate”

I was asked by a very well-respected member in the community…… to tone things down a bit because it was causing some heartburn within his tribe. I agreed. it may be two weeks from now it may be one year from now, the dump will take place. And those who now claim this……………….“I don’t know the whole story” While allowing emotion to rule the day will sadly be very humiliated.

You see Jamie I may not be the wise owl of the bunch, yet I was smart enough to turn the money side of the Local, Local, Local over to a third person….. a Treasurer. Understanding the Human Condition and how it plays out when money gets involved. The money was MINE, reimbursements and raffle money ( and some of my money as well)

Another point I would like to make…..

“but if you want to sell something it might be wise not to piss off any potential customers who might disagree with you.”

Really Jamie… Really? How many times in the past have we seen this very tactic used against those that oppose the current resident of the White House? How many times did we see someone threatened with their sponsors to SENSOR said person?

Such occasions made my blood boil… Paula Dean is a fine example, so is Rush Limbaugh, and there are many others.

I am NOT in the business of Community Organizing, I sell VERY inexpensive Heirloom Garden Seed to the community and fellow patriots, and Militias. I would like to pose a question to Jamie……

Jamie do you understand what happens if I am forced to close my doors, how would that help the community Jamie?

Perhaps a refresher course on Rules for Radicals is needed?

In Mutualism both species benefit. This was and is my business model, I am building and many are benefiting from my work, there are many that are actively building and helping the community. Please Jamie ask yourself this……….

How on earth can I make this statement….

……….“I don’t know the whole story”

And yet you are confident that I somehow am destroying. Emotions? There is a whole lot of ……….“I don’t know the whole story”  going around. Logic is not ruling the day.

Fact of the matter, there is only one side of this dispute running around telling HIS side of the story………… The opposing side here in Texas is remaining quiet, we are not sending out mass e-mails and trying to rouse the troops for support.

Now ask yourself why? We did our homework made the necessary calls and e-mails to gather the information. We have and are sitting tight on it. I have a sterling reputation in the community for exposing the truth with research and proper back up. You can dig forever and NEVER find any of my work written as slander, innuendo or rumor mill. Yes I will take my swipes and cheap shots from time to time………….. But the story is not over.

I will say for the record that many do not care for my style or bedside manner, It really should not matter. The facts are…. the facts are alway represented. Yes Bill is mean and he uses bad words, he is too harsh. If you folks want to stop diddling each other and put the tidily winks up for the day…….Then we can have a conversation.

Now Jamie and company can you say the same? I have yet to see any FACTS, other than………………………….

“I don’t know the whole story”

4 thoughts on ““I Don’t Know The Whole Story”

  1. I don’t know the whole story either, like you said, their has been quite a bit of lip tightening .
    I have seen anecdotal and oblique references to some unpleasantness in the past relating to this matter and remember seeing mention of things as it was happening, I won’t go into details either.
    I have also asked direct questions trying to get more back ground from parties directly involved and have gotten the same vague answers .
    Basically I guess it boils down to that it’s none of my fucking business other than as a reminder to be very careful of who I deal with and as a lesson as to what happens when I don’t.

    I try to live by the notion that what comes around goes around.
    Karma is an evil bitch with razor sharp teeth for biting you on the ass with and an infallible memory.

    • Busted Bingo!!!!

      And remember this….. One person, who feels he has been burned, is a matter of perspective. Two men who feel they have been burned is a matter of:

      Corroborating evidence is evidence supporting a proposition that is already supported by some evidence. Corroboration strengthens the testimony of another witness. If corroboration tends to strengthen or add credibility to the testimony, corroborative evidence may include new and additional information. The modern corroboration rule requires only that there be substantial independent evidence which would tend to establish the trustworthiness of a statement[i]. – See more at: http://witnesses.uslegal.com/corroboration/#sthash.xw9MGyYb.dpuf

  2. Well said, Sir! I don’t know what this is all about so I keep my big mouth shut! Would that some others do the same!!

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