Come and Take It Cropped

I am proud to announce the “Texas PatCom 2013 Unfinished Business”. Some may or may not know Mayberry and I held the very first PatComs here in Texas, our work was unfinished.

Edit 6:41 Official Texas PatCom website:     http://texaspatcom.wordpress.com

Craig held true to his promise of not capitalizing on the PatCom Movement, I am proud to partner with him for the “Texas PatCom 2013 Unfinished Business”. Details will soon follow, the event will be in late September. Location is being discussed. We will raise money from the Heirloom Garden Seed sales from Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed.

I will offer a discounted Texas 2013 Unfinished Business PatCom Seed Package, details to follow. We will hold a raffle as well, and all proceeds will help fund future events for the Texas Tribe.

This Event is for anyone living in Texas, details to follow. We are putting the network back together, our goal is to establish a two and a half hour travel time network one way, details to follow.

We will be creating a temporary board of three members, details to follow. There will be structure at this event. We are not saying non-Texans are not invited…………We learned from our mistakes in the past. If you are from out-of-state you will be welcomed to attend, yet you will not be able to attend all functions of the “Texas 2013 PatCom Unfinished Business”…. please no hard feelings, we try to learn from our past errors.

Mind you… we are not looking for raw numbers, just Serious Fellow Texans.

Our model will be a hybrid, details to follow.



    • militia,
      We made a huge mistake in the past of trying to build tribe with outsiders. They are not banned from attending the function…. it just did not work well for us.

  1. I would love to hear more detail on the agenda and how I can support this effort to the fullest!
    I live in North Texas, count me in.

  2. I will be setting up a wordpress site where those interested can stop by to see what it’s all about, and we can hammer out the details. As Bill said, more to come…

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