The Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package- UPDATE



I have come up with a tentative introductory price for this package, the offered seed varieties are not cheap. The cost to include shipping will be $107.00 USD.

I will wait before releasing it…. to test the waters before ordering thousands of dollars of inventory.

The Corn Blue Maiden is an American Indian legend, I have expanded on the seed inventory. I have not added the Price Point to the package, any feed back would be helpful. I also want to use this new Garden Seed Package to help raise funds for the Texas 2013 PatCom

I might do a combination package special “one Patriot Package and one Blue Maiden Package” for xxx dollars…. thoughts?

Here is the BM Garden seed package. It is not finalized just yet, still waiting on availability confirmation of all the varieties.

6 thoughts on “The Blue Maiden Garden Seed Package- UPDATE

  1. A combo package would make for a well rounded garden setup.

    Plenty of seed and to be able to harvest te seed from your crop….well it’s almost like the Jews in the wilderness and mana falling from the sky.

  2. Been lurking for a long time. Just taking it all in. Have plenty of seed, both store bought and saved.
    Just purchased a Patriot package. I’ll do it again when the new varieties are available. This would make a good combo for your Unfinished Business package.
    I Look forward to meeting you in September.

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    • Craig That’s a decent price. Remember the agreement……. no fleabags allowed…… this includes their dogs as well.

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