Unfinished Business – Texas PatCom 2013


Craig has a few questions for those wishing to attend the 2013 TEXAS PatCom.


“What would you like to see there? A simple meet and greet? Something more? Tentative plans run along the meet and greet vein. Keep it simple. But this is your PATCOM, not mine. That is why I created this site, to get input from those who plan to attend, as well as to promote the event.”

Great questions….. Remember out of staters are welcome to attend the meet up, yet keep in mind the Texas PatCom 2013 is about LOCAL folks gathering together to build upon where we left off the last time.

We will also be asking all that attend to make a promise to never try to capitalize or benefit personally or financially from this or future Texas PatComs, what folks do in other states is their business and what takes place in TEXAS stays in TEXAS.

We got burned from a few out of staters in the past, we WILL not be repeating those same mistakes.

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