Alien Abduction Insurance


The modern version of George Bailey loves to run around the community  screeching and convulsing, truth be told George’s inner demons haunt him to this day. The claims of Mr. Potter fleecing the community are un-founded. Self proclamations of being socialist orientated might hold a few truths, how else could one explain the need to sleep on a muddy hillside using a rock for a pillow.

At any given time, there are many more people with untreated severe psychiatric illnesses living on America’s streets than are receiving care in hospitals. Approximately 90,000 individuals with schizophrenia or manic-depressive illness are in all hospitals receiving treatment for their disease.

Going Galt?  Building tribe? Lifestyle choices? If an individual choses to be homeless…… it is a lifestyle choice, we are not talking about losing a job and then losing the mortgage here. We are simply talking about an individual that chooses not to work……this is a CHOICE.

There is nothing wrong in going Galt, it’s a matter of perspective and CHOICE. Yes things suck in America right now, times are indeed tough. Those of us who have decided not to become homeless and decided to continue to fight the fight because living in mommy’s or daddy’s basement was and is not an option.

There are far too many folks that are homeless….. That did not voluntarily decide to embrace living on a muddy hillside or under the overpass. Choosing to live in poverty…… I suppose to some is a romantic ideology, I know many who fight, claw kick and scream everyday to try to hold things together, we have not volunteered to become homeless…….. We fight everyday to keep a roof over our families heads and food on the table.

I am a capitalist, I do have a firm grasp on the fact that we as a nation have some very serious problems, and capitalism has become very perverted, yet this has more to do with the human condition than it does a capitalist society gone awry.

As our living conditions continue to erode, we will continue to fight to keep food on the table, oh I suppose we could just all choose to go Galt, yes we can explain to our hungry children and upset wives ……… That going Galt is Romantic, and it was because of the Evil Mr. Potter, is why we are sleeping on a red fire ant colony.

Choices……. choices…….. choices….. If and when you find yourself in the midst of those in the community that have made the choice to become homeless and refuse to work in a rigged system, this then becomes a conflict. Galt’s lifestyle choice does not align with the blood sweat and tears of yours. You did not decide to JUST DROP OUT. No the bills need paid, dentist appointments still are required, health insurance premiums still come every month.

I am not trying to romanticize what it takes to fight, scratch and claw….. to keep the middle class dream alive, and food on the table. No, I am merely explaining what a fable going Galt actually is, yes it is romantic and you get to run all over the country on others nickles, and when the seams all come apart you still have daddy’s basement to fall back on. Is this scenario really going Galt?

When some in the tribe become so delusional that they will finance George Bailey for his travels and gypsy lifestyle….. only to vicariously live out the Going Galt fantasy, I have to question the mental health of said community members. You fight to keep food on the table yet you are willing to take the same money needed to provide for your families and finance George Bailey and his traveling carnival.

It has been whispered that George Bailey is building musket barrels, this will help when TSHTF, yet the prototype can’t be found and the production line has never been built because the funds were used for gas money.

If you were to look at what 111 Arms is doing……….. Well their progress and success had nothing to do with living in daddy’s basement. Those folks are doers and solid capitalists. Yet if you were to listen to George Bailey…. They are hucksters and sell outs, and evil Mr. Potter’s.

There are many in the Patriot Community that are actively building and forging forward, clawing and fighting to help the community and keep food on the table. Then we have the homeless that by lifestyle choice…… prefer to live like rats. All the while asking for handouts and free money. Offering a product or service to the community at fair market value is an honorable thing, it’s Capitaism working as intended. I suppose every community needs to have some sort of welfare program.

I was able to help support a patriot recently that is offering AR-500 plates, cut to size. Great deal, I purchased two sets, I only need one set, the other set will find a home I am sure. This is Capitalism as it should be. Don’t be fooled with the offers of Alien Abduction Insurance.


3 thoughts on “Alien Abduction Insurance

  1. SJCO,


    I guess that extra health insurance thing I got that pays out if I’m assaulted by a “Mexican Midget Wrestling Team” is just bullshit I guess…..

    “Boy’ Do I feel stupid”

  2. Hiding in the woods is hiding in the woods. If you walk away from it all and DO something productive there is no shame. If you live off others or neglect your family in the process… who exactly is better off? Trust me- 25% of my staff is gone these days and my business unit output up 33%. I would prefer the woods- but I have kids to feed. Instead I give up vacations and cars to prep and train in my spare time. Plus I gotta pay my insurance bill or the tax man will git me! 🙂
    Stl Mike

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