Paging Dr. Kevokian


Dr. Kevorkian……is Dr. Kevorkian in the house? Paging Dr. Jack Kevorkian. America could use your help Dr. Kevorkian.

If we refuse to hang the guilty politicians and bankers….. Perhaps we should just start killing ourselves, oh snap….. The Baby Jesus says it’s a sin to kill ourselves. No, it’s better to allow our government the opportunity FIRST, then we call the faithful Dr. Death.

Nawwwww I think suicide is the most efficient way to handle this… after all it does save uncle sugar some ammo, and lord knows just how expensive ammo is these days. After all as I peer out my window, it’s what I am seeing day after miserable day, suicide of a nation.

How many options are there? Well we do have suicide by cop……… We could hang ourselves………. We could slit our wrists……. Oh I know, how about jumping from a tall building?  No, those options are far too messy, and the Baby Jesus would not be happy with us. He does frown on such behavior.

Or we could just call Dr. Jack Kevorkian, he would merely aid us in the messy task. Every day that passes is another day living in tyranny. I suppose it’s OK because we are still alive………… Are we though? Are we really still alive deep down, do we really feel free? Do we even remember what freedom felt like, would we know what it tastes like?

The oligarchy wants to assist us just like Dr. Death, who is next in line? Hurry please…… You won’t mind if we reuse the same iv over and over, after all it really won’t matter.

The oligarchy plans to do just what with all of our personal data?  Use it to place us all in jail? Or in the FEMA camps? A hundred million head of cattle will take up a lot of real estate, just think what it would take to feed said cattle…… oh yeah they probably would not feed us very well.

Ahhhhh perhaps we are already imprisoned, there would be no need for prisons and camps. And if you get out of line the warden will send the drone your way to make sure you do not step out of line again, plus it will set a great example for the others, impossible you say? Really?

We happen to be fortunate enough to live at a time where we are witnessing the build up to the largest mass suicides of any civilization……. Suicide by DHS……. paging Dr. Kevorkian…. Dr. Kevorkian.

Make no mistake about it, it is indeed a mass suicide. We sit back and watch Dr. Kevorkian on a daily basis, readying his viles of poison and IV tubes. How else can one explain a population that would sit idly by while it’s government readies itself for total control and essentially our imprisonment in our own nation utilizing technology, spying, drones….. All the while pissing on our constitution and rights.

We are all fucked, there is no way out from this. Many of us are going to die, some more righteously than others. It won’t get better, it can’t. And there will be a fight, both sides are gearing up for the fight right now. I have stated in the past…… The spark has already happened, and it has.

When the Patriot Community and its leaders abandoned July 4th Patriot, and allowed that man to be sold down the river, it should have been viewed as quintessential, it was for me!

The hierarchy of the community, did not do a damn thing to help or support Charles Dyer, yes they will brag as OATH KEEPERS they helped to negotiate a surrender of Charles to the FEDS. Think about that for one minute ” They bragged about SURRENDERING Charles Dyer”

How much money did the LIAR KEEPERS raise for the defense of Charles Dyer? After all if you SURRENDER one of your own, would it not be prudent to help fund his legal defense? Crickets?

Seems odd…… How much money did George Zimmerman raise for his defense? Millions?

I am aware many have grown tired of me Kicking Vanderbough in the balls, let us ask a real simple question shall we? Why did Vanderboegh and company stay so focussed on the Zimmerman defense, lord knows in five minutes I could have at least 50 articles written by Vanderboegh on the subject………..Yet what about July 4th Patriot? Why was he sold down the river by the hierarchy of the movement, Oath Keepers? Really?

You will not find one ounce of sympathy from me in the following weeks and months when Rhodes and company get hauled off on Child Porn charges, after all…… They could raise how much money for the Nascar advertising, yet July 4th sits in a cold dark jail cell to this day mostly because of lack of funds, the ultimate SURRENDER had more to do with his family losing their property because it was put up for collateral in his bond.

Oath Keepers and Vanderboegh you should all be very ashamed. An innocent man rots in jail because of you inactions…… Karma is a real bitch. Mikey careful with those TOR e-mails you just never do know.


How many rallies has Rhodes and Vanderboegh attended and gave speeches, can anyone ever recall one word ever mentioned about raising money for Charles?

8 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Kevokian

  1. Thank you, Bill, for not allowing Charles to be forgotten. Our group took up a collection to send to his mother during his trial. I wish we could have done more, even though I highly doubt it would have made a difference. The outcome of that trial was decided long before the first juror was seated. It seems .gov doesn’t like dissent among the lowly peons. I hope Charles haunts Stewart and company in their dreams at night. I can see this shit with Kokesh heading the same way as well.
    Josh R.

  2. Yes, the crickets are chirping in the “patriot” community on Kokesh. He will be tossed to the wolves as well. Rhodes and company do not want Liberty. They are the white versions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, their livelihoods depend on the maintaining the status quo. Much like the NRA…

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  4. I also recall how quick they were to throw the Huttaree Militia under the bus, as well. Guess who was vindicated and left folks eating crow?

    This has not been forgotten. When my time comes (and anyone with an opinion counter to the oligarchy has a “time” coming), I fully expect to be thrown under the bus by online “patriots” as well.

    Local local local.

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