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I short while back we had this conversation…………………

You know what….. I could care less if you prefer to wear a white sheet and hood instead of pajamas, I also do not care if one likes to play footsie and turn a blind eye to such behavior.

If there were a point…………………… The potential damage that can be done to a community because of playing footsie with klan members or wanna be klan members.

There has been a very distinct pattern by some in the community that try to mainstream very dangerous ideology, some out of ignorance have no clue, while others just turn a blind eye. Some of it is very blatant………..

I have seen the attempts of the white washing… “I only judge character not color” Well you know what… I say horse shit! There was an incident that occurred at the PatCom we held at my place, it involved my neighbors grand daughter and 2-3 of the attendants. Folks that incident had nothing to do with character….. it was about a young white teenager 16 years old and the fact her boyfriend was black. It was ugly, and it was mean and it almost turned violent.

Keep in mind the actions were from those that were invited into my home…… yet they saw no issues with attacking people ( my neighbors ) who I have to live next to with some amount of harmony. Perhaps the incident occurred because the ringleader started sucking Jim Beam straight from the bottle at breakfast?

I was informed about the incident and brushed it aside, I was not happy about it none the less. Fast forward………………. The people we surround ourselves with are typically  like-minded. I no longer have a relationship with many of the core group that attended my PatCom……. Because we are not of like mind. It’s really that simple.

Trust is another reason things fell apart, oh I am aware of the fantasy stories being told and the half-truths…… I am also aware of the ” I don’t know all the facts” crowd as well. Before one declares it all high drama… ask yourself, is there a dirty secret about the patriot community? Yes the Chocolate Jesus has done his work well.

I am less concerned with a demographic that represents 14% of the overall population, than I am the enemies within. No I have not spilled the complete story, and there is a reason………….. it’s information that myself and another have decided would be used best at a later date. You can’t make claims to know someone for eight year intimately, and  to stay in their home for months…….. and then claim ” I had no idea”

Really?………… Really?

We understand our politicians are corrupt… At all the levels. When one takes the oath………..

State and Local Oaths[edit]

The oaths of state and local officials are largely patterned on the federal oath of constitutional allegiance. Typical would be the oath taken by all New York government officials:

Freedom of speech/ Hate speech? But no, you do not get to claim ignorance…………. Not after almost a decade. You can’t just white wash this, and you can’t explain it away. I don’t give a rats ass who one surround themselves with. It’s a shame I did not know from the very get go……… many of them would have never crossed the threshold of my front door.

Now one would have to ask……. what about the others? What about all the other groups and PatComs…… Are they of like mind? Like mind of Whom?

Liberty and Justice for all? Or just the pale ones? I hate the race bullshit going on in this country too, I don’t agree with it, there are some leaders in the black community that have evil intentions. But I WILL NOT wear a sheet on my back because of their ignorance.

It is one thing to have private conversations…… Why is it being introduced into our Patriot Community and why are SOME turning a blind eye? Who is pushing this agenda behind the scenes? Did we not learn? I will in the next few weeks show you what is going on behind the scenes to bring this garbage main stream, as I stated ….. I thought we had learned.



3 thoughts on “The Community

  1. “Liberty and Justice for all? Or just the pale ones?”

    Yes, exactly. “just the pale ones” is a silly and arbitrary distinction. Just like “just the ones within this line on the ground” is a silly and arbitrary distinction. Just like “just the ones who happen to have been born here and not there” is a silly and arbitrary distinction. We need to shed our blood to provide Liberty and Justice to EVERY SINGLE TWO-LEGGED PRIMATE ON THIS PLANET. Even, and especially, if they can’t be bothered to do it for themselves. Because that’s Patriotism, sir! Silly and arbitrary distinctions about heredity, and relatedness, and what and why anybody actually owes to anybody else and where distinctions should belong, and what the word “nation” actually means, have no place in the modern free-thinking liberty movement!

    Proud to shake your hand!

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