Ignorance and Hard Questions


There is a dark side lurking in America, we have enemies who control the nation’s capital….. We have never faced such surreal dangerous times. There are factions waiting for their opportunity to tear the Republic apart. Their numbers are staggering, and they have been very successful with their recruitment efforts.

The shaved head, tattoo clad extremism is not the concern, these type folks are the bottom feeders of the movement……….. hired muscle to do the dirty work, foot soldiers.

There is a much more clandestine apparatus involved, they are scientists, doctors, teachers and engineers, they reside in our universities and in our clergy. They are part of the Patriot Community.

The recruitment practices are really not all that advanced…. because sophistication is not required in the current environment. The White Nationals understand ……… The fruit is ripe for the picking, and it is. I will state for the record one more time, ” Their Numbers are Staggering” And they continue to grow by the day.

The culmination of the enemies within, from the Fed level down to the multiple dangerous factions……. allows the person very few available options regarding the coming reindeer games, sadly the outcome is now all but set in stone. The complicated events on the horizon are jut that…

There is a reason this was posted today………..http://wnthinktank.wordpress.com/2013/08/01/adolf-png/

Do you understand yet?


How about this…………..

We are all that is left of true Western civilization.  White nationalists who have learned evolutionary psychology, PU and the MRM represent the highest, strongest and most independent people living today.  I would encourage everyone who is on the lookout for fellow WNs to develop your own tests.  What a man calls himself does much to reveal his psychology.  The ability to use words like hate, racist, nigger, spic, kike, jew, ZOG are all great indicators.

You do understand these are the folks, a few members of the tribe were playing footsie with.

It’s not to be.  Even if all jews, niggers, and spics disappeared from North America, we would still have the liberals, the capitalists, and the conservatives, none of which can save western civilization.  And when we won the shooting war, we would still need to rebuild our people and our cities.  This is where the white race really shines and this is where the Iraqis and Afghanis will fail; in the rebuilding of civilization.

You do understand this filth is actively recruiting in our community? You do understand this filth is watching us everyday? You do understand this filth has already infiltrated our community?

Now ask yourself this….. Why was Rhodes and et al sent the kiddie porn via TOR?

How about this recent quote…………………………….

There are those that happily drink that stuff up. Let them. I don’t need them in my world, just as you don’t need them in yours. And our worlds are different, that is the beauty of diversity.


the condition of having or being composed of differing elements : variety; especially   : the inclusion of different types of people (as people of different races or cultures) in a group or organization diversity in schools>

James…. Great point! I suppose this is also another fine example of DIVERSITY?


Some in the other camp are claiming my actions are merely a witch hunt, an axe to grind.

I happen to belive hard questions need to be asked. It’s that simple. As a Patriot, you will have to at some point and time invite strangers into your AO and your homes……. Hard questions indeed.

Shall we discuss for argument’s sake…….. James had zero clues in regards to his friends beliefs for almost a decade, even as he replied to his comments in the above screen shot. I am willing to play fantasy land too……………………If we support this premise, we would then have to conclude James is ignorant, OK it’s ignorance then. Plain and simple ignorance, how many people did James come in contact with while he was “Carrying The PatCom Torch”

It’s simple, either a blind eye was turned for almost a decade or it was plain ignorance, I now ask which of the two are more dangerous? Can some one please help me here, I am really struggling with this?

If one decides to choose the plain ignorance option…….Just how dangerous is this man? Only those that invited him into their homes can answer that question.

How dangerous would it be if this man was influencing your tribe? The tribe you count on to watch your back and your communities back? I have yet to see an explanation for any of this other than ” That asshole mean Bill Nye is picking on me” As a community is it not fair to say we deserve answers, after all it was members of the community that invited him into our homes.

James I do think you owe many of us an explanation for your IGNORANCE, after all your ignorance may have long-lasting implications.


Witch Hunt?

Hard Questions?

Playing Footsie?

2 thoughts on “Ignorance and Hard Questions

  1. I commend you on your honesty, and courage, to shine a light on a very serious enemy of the Republic and those of the true Patriot movement who want nothing more – or less – than the restoration of the rule of law and true individual liberty to this once great country.

    While I agree that the White Nationals – Aryan Nation, White Supremacists, Racialists, or whatever their preferred moniker de jour may be – have made significant inroads into the Patriot Community, I posit that they are false patriots infiltrating the true Patriot Community in order to capitalize on the concerns and fears of the community relating to the corruption of our society. Unfortunately, many people when under the influence of fear are easily suckered into following false leaders or movements (e.g., White Nationals) in an effort to feel included in something addressing their fears and pinpointing an easily identified, and demonized cause – whether real or imagined – as the basis of their fears.

    While patriotism is generally defined as great and true allegiance to one’s country – in our case, the country designed and founded on the principles of true liberty and freedom from tyranny of any flavor – those dedicated to the fantasy world of White Supremacy as being the “salvation” of America are patriots only to a twisted ideology dependent upon imposing tyranny, or death, to all who don’t agree with them or are “different” than them, e.g., skin color. Essentially, they want to trade the current tyranny with a tyranny of their own design – like trading the progressives for neoconservatives; trading one set of controlling Platonic philosopher kings for a different set of Platonic philosopher kings in the hope of regaining liberty while moving from having the left boot to having the right boot on your neck.

    In my humble thinking I believe that endorsing, or even as you put it, “playing footsie” with such a twisted ideology is no friend of liberty, of a free society of responsible individuals being left alone to live their own lives in any way they desire so long as they don’t encroach on the liberty or natural rights of their neighbor. How can you be advocating for a pro-liberty rule of law society with liberty and justice for all if all you really want to do is exchange one tyranny for another more to your liking?

    I look forward to future installments of this vitally needed conversation in the general Patriot Community.

  2. SJCO,


    If you don’t mind me throwing my two cents in worth, read “Enemies foreign and Domestic” by Mathew Bracken.

    This book hits the nail right on the head on this subject including reverse racism and details how race is used to help destroy the republic.


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