Paradox and Idiots


There is a very ugly manifestation taking place in AmeriKA, it’s happening in the patriot community as well.

Jim, there you go talking about skin color. Again. You said,”The problem is associating the skin color with doing A, B or C. Even when there’s a high correlation, that’s a huge misidentification of causation.”


It’s not a misidentification. It’s hard, factual, statistical, provable evidence. Something the “Diversity is our Strength” crowd is never gonna accept. Sure, it’s OK to cite facts & statistics when speaking of Asian math scores, just don’t use statistics when speaking of Black graduation rates, or out of wedlock births or God forbid- crime statistics.
 Nope, just ignore the dysfunctional tribe in the room & throw money at their Chiefs, maybe they won’t rape & murder your children next, (Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom)… a pair among THOUSANDS sacrificed on the alter of Diversity. Just pretend they’re all just like the loveable Huxtables of the Cosby Show.
Now some in the Patriot community have made it clear that Whites who refuse to swallow the Diversity pill being rammed down our throats by FedGov are the enemy.
So be it. FedGov forced inclusion & Patriot forced inclusion are one & the same. Tyranny.


My anger ….. my rage……….NSA, Patriot Act, Taxation without Representation, A Uncontrolled Federal Government, TSA, Government Spying on its Citizens, DHS, It’s Just a God Damn Piece of Paper, Bank Bail Outs, Fortune 500 Bail Outs, No Knock Warrants, Paramilitarization of our Peace Officers, Liar Keepers, The Communist Infiltration of America………………..There are many more issues that make my head pound.

No where in that list can I blame “Blacks” No the fact of the matter it’s not the Blacks that are trampling all over my Constitutional Rights…… It’s Whitey, yes folks the Cracker Bureaucrats. You know the types, we even see it down here in small town Amerika. White District Attorneys and Assistant District Attorneys, White Judges, White Prosecutors, White Sheriff’s and White Sheriff Deputies.

Of course we also have the White Constables, the White members of both sides of the house on a State and Federal level, we also have the White Tea Party members that have turned their backs on those that elected them.

We have the infamous ” It’s Just a God Damn Piece of Paper” George Bush , prior to signing the Patriot Act into law, with zero stop gaps included, with full understanding the progressives would take the executive branch in the coming years.

We had Waco and Ruby Ridge, need I remind everyone who was running the Justice Department at the time? We have Hillary and we have the Dyke…… Crackers as well!

Yes we have the Poverty Pimps and we have crime…. Yet some seem to forget CRIME is DOWN from twenty years ago….. SUBSTANTIALLY! Just as you crave to blame the bogey man Muslims, you need to blame your current woes on the Black Man, this is not intellectual honesty.

We sit at the precipice because we failed our Nation and our Constitution. I keep hearing the neo’s claiming foul because the Blacks are all on welfare, well you dumb fucks…….. There are more per capita Crackers on welfare and food stamps. Blacks only represent 14% of America’s population…. again bogey man du jour!

How did The Chocolate Jesus get re-elected? That’s right there were many, many crackers that voted for him. Just as the idiots in the community cry Left versus Right, it’s still White versus Black. Fools every one of you.

The complex issues with the Black community from the Federal level down to your local level is no different to the complex issues in the White community from the Federal level down to your local. Fools every one of you! Power Corrupts, it matter not the color of your skin.

Yes there are blacks in positions of power that are abusing their power……… just as the crackers. Fools every one of you!

I am well aware that there are Black people who hate White folks. So fucking what, I hate both fucking sides of ignorant bastards, ask around do some research. I have very few friends.

I suppose it was a Black Woman who put together the Planned Parenthood program that has now evolved into the modern abortion clinics, yes you do understand what eugenics is and why it was created? Fools every damn one of you.

I have to wonder if this is also a conspiracy from the Black Man to keep whitey down?

What about White on Black Crime….. Or White on White Crime. We live in an evil society, a very corrupt society. Power Corrupts black skin and white skin.

Fools every damn one of you. Patriots my aching dirty ass. I am convinced there is zero hopes for our Nation.  LOCAL< LOCAL< LOCAL skin heads need not apply.

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