I have to ask…… Will the history books reflect the current conquest on American soil just as they did the last? Will the Federal Yankee get to write the history book yet again? I also have to wonder, when our great grand children open those history books…………What type of emotions will they feel? Shame? Honor?

Time is slipping…. yet you already know this? Insurgencies always win? Good always wins the day over evil? Really? I have no faith that the American has a predestined right of life, liberty and happiness, we most certainly do not act as such.

As you awoke this morning, how many instances have you seen or read of Light winning over Darkness? I hold my head in my hands this morning as I type this, with the understanding of just how blackened our hearts are becoming. The righteousness of our clan is all but forgotten, instead we have allowed the darkness to creep back in. We have not learned our lessons, we have not learned the lessons of history.

Perhaps we were never a righteous people? Perhaps we deserve to be slaughtered in the streets by the JBT? Perhaps the human has and will always be a warring clan, with an ever increasing thirst for bloodshed? Who shall be the next sacrifice for the Almighty? The altars have been resurected once again……………………….of course you already know this?

I have searched for an answer to a question……………….Can I find a period of time in the human history, where we did not murder each other, either through warfare or human sacrifice?

The answer is rhetorical, this is a given! Yet it helps me to understand the upcoming reindeer games. THE INEVITABLE! Because sweetheart we are not going to change our ways in the next 3-8 years. We will have but no choice to retaliate against the Federal Yankee, and the Federal Yankee will spill much blood, just as we have done for thousands of years. The cycle will not and does not change sadly, just because we have a Constitution.

Coming full circle of an awakening, places one in a very dark place, the tiddlywink players of the community unfortunately have failed the most important test of their education…………………………….. The coup stick needs to be placed back into that dusty, coat closet, it will not be needed. But you already know this?

Tiddlywinks and the community…………… just as the mentally unstable, that wish to blame their current woes on the African decendants……………………………….Their fellow Americans.


The prepping and patriot community, today…………………. is more about hobbies and tiddlywinks, with a large dose of Get To The Back Of The Bus and Whites Only Drinking Fountains. I am more certain today, of just how ugly the reindeer games will be, it was hard enough to wrap my mind around the Federal Yankee………………I aquired a passing grade recently on the hard lessons of just how stupid and ignorant the Federal Yankee’s opponents actually are. Ignorance is very dangerous!

The altars taken out of retirement will be running 24-7.

God can’t stop what is coming…….. he is far too ASHAMED to stop it!


3 thoughts on “CONQUEST

  1. Bill,
    I am a born-again, spirit-filled child of the living God. My husband and I are III Arms founders. We have purchased seed from your Jebadiah Fisher site and have directed others to the site for seed.
    I have been reading your site for a while now with great interest. Your heart is heavy now, and my heart has been moved to witness to you that we share your pain about the state of our spirits.
    In the tireless work to prepare as best we can for what is likely to happen, we have become aware that we may be required to do things that could easily put us on the side of darkness.
    Our prayer for you and for all who are preparing to fight for liberty, is that we remain mindful
    that the war is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities in the spirit.
    Your struggle against those who are not mindful of our shared humanity is shared by many in the patriot community, and I want you to know you are not alone.
    The work you do for Liberty and Humanity on this blog is greatly appreciated by us and many others, I am certain.
    God Bless You, Bill.

  2. There will come a day, I hope, when our grandchildren look us in the eye and ask us what the hell took us so long. I hope, because if that day doesn’t come there will be no grandchildren. We are playing for keeps, but many are just playing, or being played. “Not one more inch”. That should have been said, and ACTED upon 100 years ago.

    You are right about God. He meant us to be Free, not slaves. He meant us to be self sufficient, not dependents. He meant for us to use His great bounty for our benefit. And, yes, to help our Brother when he is down. But only so long as to set him back on his feet again. Certainly not to be forced to do so at the muzzle of a gun. And certainly not to be picked and chosen based on the color of our skin, by our beliefs, our culture, or any other exclusionary parameter. We are ALL created in His image…

  3. I think there was a time when humanity remembered losing the mandate of heaven, and the slow, then all at once descent into madness, and war. Now it seems like the same business model, more snake venom than oil. I think the answer to who watches the watchers is some blend of anger and reluctance, mostly the things that need to be done.

    Angels of Death can be laws of nature, Probably some PTSD, just tiring, but hard to stay out of, in the longer run.

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