The data has been out there for many years that TOR was also being used for kiddie porn purposes and for selling drugs, it has also been documented for many years that it was not safe.

Do you remember who pushed the TOR applications in the community? I do. I happen to have a very good memory!

Where are the TOR cheerleaders now? How many people in the community are in serious trouble now? How many community members have been placed in danger because of a few of the wise old owls sold them down the river?

Keep taking advice from the Kung Fu Masters………………………………. and you will end up sharing lunch on a daily basis with July 4th Patriot. I suppose we get to sit back and wait for the round-up? If you get bored……………………. I know a guy that knows a guy that happens to be selling some bricks. I am going to wally world later to see if the scrub brushes have been sold out.

3 thoughts on “TOR TARDS…………………THE RING OF FIRE

  1. The software’s homepage brags that it was created by the research arm of the Office of Naval Intelligence…and yet I was the crazy one for speaking out against it. I recently commented against Tor on a post by Max Velocity and was lambasted by two “experts” that Tor was safe and not to worry, though it was a free gift from the feds.

    The fact Tor was so popular in the III community, in my opinion, speaks to the widespread federal infiltration into the community. Which reminds me…

    I really hope you have a speaker at your conference that will warn your tribes that (1) every new candidate for a tribe is a fed until proven otherwise, (2) any felony or drug conviction in the candidate’s background makes them a guaranteed federal plant, (3) any felony or drug conviction in a candidate’s immediate family makes it more likely than not they will turncoat, and (4) any teacher who claims to be a former government agent will, at the very least, self-censor the information he gives.

    Are those rules unfair? Yep.

    Are those rules going to accuse someone unfairly? Yep.

    Are those rules going to limit growth? Yep.

    Does the application of those rules prevent infiltration or the incorporation of tainted information? Yep.

    As an eyewitness to the power of informants and undercover agents, if those 4 rules were followed to the proverbial “t”, your tribe’s ability to avoid doing things that are “federally approved methods of liberty” increases by an order of magnitude.

    Axioms to ignore at your peril: “all government agents always lie;” “no government anywhere will ever do anything to increase your liberty;” and “former agents of the government aren’t.”


    • Excellent observations and opsec advice, militialaw. Consider everyone a potential plant or informant until you are willing to trust them with your children or grandchildren — and in my case, that takes one hell of a lot of trust nowadays. It’s harder to gain my trust than it is to gain the trust and be invited to join an outlaw motorcycle gang by committing a murder in front of witnesses…

      I never understood the attraction of TOR. No system that can be publicly accessed can be secure or anonymous without additional multilevel and private encryptions — if even then. If man can design and built it, man can break it. I always viewed TOR as just a sophisticated “rat trap” offered to entice and capture any critters the government/s suspected of being rats to the state.

  2. Bill, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and this may sound naive but just who are the enemy in community? Who do I listen to? Who, in your view, is right and who’s wrong? Again I’m not trying to be facetious but I honestly want to know.

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