Intraspective & Enemies Within

Aubrey Rhodes_The Enemy Within

I received a very poignant question in a comment that I have yet to approve. The comment is sincere and it deserves in my opinion a stroll down memory lane. It is not meant to kick anyone in particular in the ball sack.

The reason I chose Mike Vanderboegh’s recent quote has more to do with Intraspective, and critical thinking……………… Of the community and future members of the community.

We have this quote from today…………………………………….

 The industry produced 12 BILLION rounds in 2012 and is on track to increase that by a notable margin this year.  Factories are going 24-7.  Y’all are just buying it up faster than they can produce it, or import it. 

That ought to tell the “authorities” something, don’t you think?

I am sure the data is correct, I have no reason to doubt the figures. Yet I do find it a tad skewed. ” y’all are buying it up faster than they can produce”

In the past I have written several articles that simply have not resonated. There are those in the community that try to take very obscure facts to prove the health of the Patriot Community and our Nation. It was not that very long ago that the statistics of the nations Hunters was used to shore up their premise.

The argument was…. There are XYZ amount of licensed Hunters in America, how on earth could Uncle Sugar beat such an insurgency? The premise at the time was the amount of guns being sold and the supply and demand issues.

I grew up in a Liberal household, my family were also avid hunters, so were those that my family hunted with, many of them are still liberals. Albeit many of them are now Progressives, they have shed the mid 70’s Blue Dog ideology and have evolved or moved much further left of center.

Parts of the community that HOWL ” Obama is the best gun sales rep” This is an accurate statement. Conservative like-minded ” Deer Hunters” are not the only ones buying guns, ammo and Level 4 protective amor plates.

I want to repeat that last statement………….

Conservative like-minded ” Deer Hunters” are not the only ones buying guns, ammo and Level 4 protective amor plates. Our enemies within are also making those same purchases. You do understand it was not the “Black Folks” that re-elected the Chocolate Jesus? After all the demographics of the Black Population in America is only 14%.

How much of the 12 billion rounds were sold to Fed Gov? How many of the 12 billion rounds were sold to card-carrying communists? How many of the 12 billion rounds were sold to White Nationals? How many of the 12 billion rounds were sold to the enemies within? How many of the 12 billion rounds were scooped up by your local jack booted thugs? How many of the 12 billion rounds were sold to Atheists…… Or Christians? How about the 20 million illegal aliens, how much was sold to them?

To think there will be an American Revolution part deux, without a hybrid proxy war first, would simply be foolish. The nation is fractured, and both sides with associated factions are gearing up and preparing. Not all Preppers are like-minded folks. Not all Patriots are like-minded, forget not…….. The White National also consider themselves Patriots, so do the Progressives and the Socialists.

Have we not learned anything in the past 50 years? Proxy wars are being waged all over the globe, take a close gander at what is happening in the middle east. Who is FedGov supplying arms to? Who is Russia supplying arms to? Get It? No?

The same tactics are being applied in America, and both sides are arming themselves to the teeth! At a certain point sides will have to be chosen, there is a very distinct divide. The prize……. America, if we can Keep her.

The framers never promised us success, we were warned of the dangers, we were warned of the possible consequences if we failed. WE WERE WARNED!

The Federal Government is out of control, we have traitors and communist’s seated in the Capital and state Capitals, all the factions that wish to take full control of our nation are armed. The insurrection will be quelled not by the Yankee Army marching into the South………………………………. They do not need to march into the South, they are already here.

Your neighbors, your cousins, your brother, your sister, your pastor, your childs teacher, your hairdresser, your local elected JBT’s. The Revolution part deux cannot happen without the proxy war being fought first.

After the factions chose their side, what hope do we have that either side will not become evil? We Don’t!

The enemies within?………………………………….. I suppose it depends on your perspective, after all we are all enemies within to SOMEBODY!

Do you still think Kerodin is NUTS? We should all be working on such a construct in our own AO. Local, Local, Local. And you had damn well be prepared to feed your own,,,,,,,,, and others.

After all why did you and our enemies buy so many guns and ammo? How many guns can you shoot at one time? How many bullets can you shoot at one time? Are those preps not intended for others to help if needed? How the hell are you also going to feed them?

You and I also become an enemy to somebody when their babies are starving.

Here is the comment…………………

“Bill, I’ve been following your blog for awhile and this may sound naive but just who are the enemy in community?  Who do I listen to?  Who, in your view, is right and who’s wrong?  Again I’m not trying to be facetious but I honestly want to know.”







3 thoughts on “Intraspective & Enemies Within

  1. Good stuff, Bill…all of it spot-on IMO. Besides, between blackmail and torture, nearly anyone can turn.

    The overpasses for impeachment were knockout; a good clue to the resolution, I’m sure. Thanks for that.

    Anyway, talk about a trip down memory lane. I don’t think you answered the guy’s questions, or maybe I’m just dense. Hey, maybe both.

    • Jim,

      I think I made it very clear….. no snark intended. Place yourself in this guys position, go back prior to your own education process.

      The enemies within?………………………………….. I suppose it depends on your perspective, after all we are all enemies within to SOMEBODY!

      “Who can you trust in the community? Who should you listen to in the community?”

      One has to educate one self, you need to do your own research, you need to do your own critical thinking, I nor anyone else can give a history lesson to a newbie.

      I can’t be fair, neither can anyone else….why? Because we are all an enemy within to SOMEBODY. No matter what, our perspectives are abstract. I came to where I sit today because……….. I can’t tell another man or woman who the enemies in the community are…….. Why? He or she has to figure it out themselves.

      As we all know…. trust no one. I am merely helping to put the pieces of the puzzle together, one has to come to their own conclusions. This is why followers come ….. and go. Take what you need for your own education; I am not a professor with an agenda, just merely helping folks along in their painful journey.
      I look at what I do as cliff notes. Ultimately it is up to the individual to pass the test and survive the reindeer games.

      • Thanks. I’m reading that as, “Every individual has to decide for himself, and live with the consequences.” I think that’s right…technically about everything.

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