Great work from the 111 and not so much from Mayor McCheese and his sidekick Carlos Danger


Jim Miller and company have reached yet another milestone that should resonate with the community.

Jim Thanks for all that you have done! I will raise a glass to toast your hard work!

The failed efforts of those that attempted to make the muskets and cannon balls in the shack with the leaky roof…….. I suppose a rusty cannon ball will still work as intended, let us know when the production line starts.

Values …….. Integrity………………..and pickles, and don’t forget the traveling sidekick Carlos Danger! Carlos Danger can be booked for a nominal fee ( gas money ) to attend your PatCom. Carlos Danger will bewilder your PatCom Guests with his Sick Smartness, he will give a great speech on how to re-write the Constitution and the theory of Pyramid Schemes. Please don’t forget to pay for the hotel room for him. Times are tough.


Don’t worry Mayor McCheese your secret is safe, ask your sidekick of ten years……. Carlo Danger.


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