Concerned? No!

I would have to imagine there are many that SHOULD BE CONCERNED. Starvation will suck for many. Oh well.

I don’t personally use the poison my self. Nasty stuff that leaches its way into water wells and streams. I never much liked DuPont anyways. This is another reason I quit golfing.

Of course you COULD use this method.

The seed sale ends in a few days. Reduced prices for bulk seed will NOT LAST. But then again how many are actually growing the seed and practicing? We are grateful for every customer that places an order! You must practice, the skills are not acquired overnight.

My business model was based upon my customers failing, rookies that can’t afford the seed pimp prices, affordable Heirloom Garden Seed! Because you will fail as a rookie…….. Just as the Master Gardener does.

YOU DO NOT CONTROL MOTHER NATURE. Never ever think you will feed your family with zero practice, the business model of inexpensive garden seed was also so the rookies could help feed their loved ones NOW.

I do get pictures from time to time of those that are practicing NOW, it’s a great feeling to see their success.

Many very practiced gardeners have to re-plant more than one time in any growing season.

7 thoughts on “THREE SISTERS

  1. Gardening also takes available time. I started off great with bed prep and such, but life took over with 72hr work weeks and VERY soon the weeds and bugs took over.

    It is time you must make available if you want to eat your success.

    Fail small and succeed large with practice.

    • Rich,

      Agreed! Back in the day……. The children…. the wives……. the grandparents…….. the cousins……..Everyone worked the gardens, not just the Old Man!

      • That was also in the day when the immediate family all lived in a short horse ride too. Those days are long gone…maybe not to far gone for the future.

        There must be a return to yesteryear in society to see this movement again. Along with a high mobility society/family living in an urban setting comes a dependency on the grocery store.

        Folks need to understand what “back to basics” really means and embrace it or become somebodies m-m-good spinning on a rotisserie.

  2. This year was my first attempt on ground that is solid hard pan growing in straw bails. It works on some things and sucks for others. What I didnt kill with fertilizer the aphids and the deer took care of. I ordered seeds for the next attempt. This was the trial run to find out where I run out of talent. The plan for next year will be different,but close to what I tried this time. If what I try works I will pass it on here. I work at A large commercial nursery so the learning curve is A little less steep. I only fix broken things and move heavy objects so… im not A farmer. I saw this on the nitrogen deal.
    No idea if we will see it available or not. Looks to be A game changer.

  3. Not much was happening in my garden until it started raining. Been in a drought for the past several years, so results have always been mediocre.

    For the first time, I have corn at 6′ tall. Tomatoes are huge bushes with lots of blossoms — which I’m afraid we may have an early frost and lose. Ghost peppers are doing outstanding.

    Harvested and shredded cabbage this past weekend for sauerkraut.

    To keep bugs down, I use diatomaceous earth, sprinkled liberally on the plants. I have to re-apply after heavy rain. Nice thing about that, is it is non-poisonous. You can eat the stuff, and it won’t hurt you. It is a fine powder that gets into a bug’s exoskeleton and kills it. Dust your dogs and cats with it to kill fleas and ticks. I also put it down for my chickens to take dust baths in, to get rid of mites.

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