Found the link over at Lew’s place, it really is common sense.

Go to the side bar and check out the advertised seed company.

Veggin’ Out also is a great choice and opportunity for a fun family activity; children can learn about how foods grow and the importance of reducing their carbon footprint. From the garden to the table, Veggin’ Out can ensure healthy nutrition for you and your family. Approx. 5000 seeds per kit. $27.99

Here is the list of the 11 varieties in the package:

Shall we do the math?……………………………………The Patriot Package for 95 bucks / 3 pounds of Heirloom Garden Seed = 90,000 seeds

90,000 Divide by 5,000 = 18 individual units x 27.99 ( shipping not included ) =  $503.00

That’s right… they are charging you $503.00 + shipping for what I sell for $95.00 shipping included.

I sit here and scratch my head. My phone SHOULD BE RINGING OFF THE HOOK!!

They claim the seed package weight is……………


REALLY? They must think we are STUPID! With Packaging and the box it might weigh .85

seed varieties / counts

Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Heirloom): 1000

Bulls Blood Beet (Heirloom / Organic): 300

Decicco Broccoli (Heirloom  Organic): 200

Marketmore Cucumber (Organic): 200

Red Saladbowl (Organic): 1000

Rose Tomato (Heirloom / Organic): 40

Scarlet Nantes Carrot: 1000

Tavera Green Bean (Organic): 200

Washington Cherry Tomato (Organic): 40

White Spear Bunching Onion: 850

Yankee Bell Pepper: 30

9 thoughts on “SEED PIMPS & LIES

  1. Although I haven’t purchased from you, YET, I have a couple of friends who have (along with others in their respective tribes) and they swear by your high quality, integrity,and especially, your fair pricing. For me two things have cause me to delay purchasing: 1) my wife and I are in our 60s and both have severe disabilities (though we still do maintain small and very productive gardens) and money is always tight, which leads to 2) for health reasons we have to relocate and such a move is going to be expensive.

    Once we get moved and resettled — by next planting season — rest assured that we will be ordering our seed stock from you. Even if you have to understandably raise your prices by that time, I will still be ordering from you based on your reputation and knowledge that you probably will still have fair prices when considering your so-called competition as exampled above. In the meantime we are active in the local “real food” community and feel confident in recommending that others in that community give strong consideration to your services.

    Hang in there man, besides being of vital importance to the survivalist instincts and concerns in face of the inevitable upcoming social/political chaos we are rapidly devolving into, getting people back to the basics of real food in place of the processed crap now shoveled down our throats is of paramount importance to the physical health and well-being of our once great country.

    • David,

      Thank you for the kind words! I am thankful and very grateful to all that have supported me and continue to support this business. I get frustrated knowing I could be doing better, my price points kill the competitions. Yet 6 guns later and ten thousand rounds sold to pay the bills……????????????????????????
      I will never ever be able to buy those items ever again.

  2. SOME people appreciate all that you do, others……. well they are stupid! I really thank you, I couldn’t afford to deal with the seed pimps so you are my only alternative besides doing it bit by bit. Question: Can I order this fall, say…. October-November for next years growing season? Or should I hold off until spring? Thanks!

    • Nick,

      Thanks! Order at your convenience! The viability of the seed is the same. Thanks for your support. There is sacrifice with any business you start. My sacrifice hits closer to home because my of my price points, passing the savings off to the end user.

      My guns I will never get back…… My son will never get them handed down to him. Was it worth it?

      • Thanks for the quick reply! I understand sacrifice and selling guns that you will never be able to replace, well to put it bluntly, it flat out sucks! Hopefully in the long run it will pay off for you, that Karma thing (I hate using that term, makes me feel like a hippie, but it is what it is.) I also know what it feels like to be the lone voice, crying in the wilderness, but sometimes… sometimes people actually listen! Thank you again for all your hard work and honesty! I’ll be ordering this fall then, Sucks being a poor ol’ hillbilly in the Alleghenies sometimes!

  3. fellow Keystone state IIIper here…. just ordered the 95 package. fantastic . can’t wait to see it on my doorstep…. tempus fugit brothers and sisters.

  4. If you ever need money again sell your guns to me and I will hold on to them until you can buy them back off me…That way guns that have been in your family will stay in your family…

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