Kumbaya Crowd


Footsie flat after 100 point fall as investors remain on edge over withdrawal of  massive US government stimulus schemes

No it’s not earth shattering news, just another fine example of the existing quagmire! Watching the community for the past 5 years, some of the changes have been very obvious. Have you noticed?

I have never really been a Kumbaya type person, I have always understood the Human Condition. Humans are really not kind and gracious creatures, I have mentioned in the past we have been killing and sacrificing our own for thousands of years.

If my premise was wrong…….. Explain pseudo names or anonymous posters and authors. Why do 99.99 % of the individuals that get online and comment or post and author blogs hide their real names? It is a rather simple question.

I am a rare bird, I use my real name. There are a FEW others, What I have noticed is those using their real names typically have much in common. While those that use pseudo names and comment as anonymous really are not held to the same standard as those that use their real name.

Raw numbers may be an intoxicant for many authors, raw numbers and stats dictate what and whom the author may write about. For the record… as we all know, at my place I state what I want! Yet I refuse to write inflammatory accusations without providing the back up.

The Kumbaya crowd in the community do not have the stomach for loud ugly disagreements, I personally like a good dust-up from time to time, although I would prefer to provide the back up links to help prove my disagreement.

So the Kumbaya crowd sits around all day masturbating and pontificating about the Green and John Parker, I have news for them……… If they can’t handle a dust-up between a few Alpha Males………. What the fuck are they going to do when things get ugly?

The Kumbaya crowd tends to stay faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr from the Ruckus, I have to wonder will the same hold true when you need your back covered, we all know the answer, sadly! The recent dust-up with the White Nationals and the Racists in our midst……………………. I saw only one fucking man stand up for principle, and he called the bastards out. Where was the rest of the Community? Hiding? Sucking thumbs?

Or perhaps there is a more sinister reason the community said nothing, as I have pointed out in the past with back up. Birds of a feather? Kerodin was the only SOB that had the balls to say anything. I have to wonder where were the other fist pumping, WOLVERINE shouting Patriots?

Too harsh for you on a Friday morning? Good! Not one more inch, my aching hairy ass. The Kumbaya crowd can’t stand a good dust-up or a tavern brawl, and they sit at the keyboard crying like little bitches…… oowwwwwww gawwwd did you read what he said oooohhhhhhh loorrrdddy what a crass evil man.

May I remind a few ( or a bunch) this is not supposed to be a knitting circle, so please take your knitting needles and go finish your sweater. Yes I am also aware of all of the whispering that goes on in Private e-mails. Look I take no exception to those that want to remain anonymous, the lurker. My beef has to do with those that run their sucks about how bad things are…… and how bad thing are going to get, and then turn around and schedule a Kumbaya camp fire session.

This is not a Facebook Fad, it’s for fucking real. Get It? No? I suppose most will roll their eyes and click back to the porn page.


13 thoughts on “Kumbaya Crowd

  1. Right on! Hell, Bill that’s why I read this blog! Honesty really is hard to come by, always has been. Those racist scumbags? Fuck them, it’s going to be a rough ride (not that it’s Caddy smooth now!) We need to face the truth and band together more not go along with Uncle Sugar and find new (old) ways to divide ourselves. If they can’t handle a little online argument how are they going to handle what’s coming down the pike? Pussies…. Life is hard people are rotten, suck it up and drive on. BTW my real name is Nick Spittler and I approve this message. Oh yeah, LOCAL,LOCAL, LOCAL!

    • Hell yes Nick! Some will get it, while others will go back to the knitting circle, there is no way in hell we will all get along, all of the time. Sad thing is some of these folks are Vets.

      • Absolutely correct! That the Vets can’t figure this out makes me what to puke! Also a lot of those “knitting circle” types are just playing a game anyway. Sooner or later the “coolness” factor wears off and they will move on to some other “hobby” or go back to watching football sitting on their fat asses. Good riddance! I’m not a team player (low bullshit tolerance!) but even I know if we don’t “hang together we will hang separately” I suspect that a lot of those stupid (never met one I didn’t think was inbred) racist bastards are working for Uncle, knowingly or maybe not, seeing as they are stupid! The other commentators are right on too, and at least have the balls to speak their OWN minds! Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway? Individual freedom?

  2. Bill, I keep quiet on the racism shit because It makes my blood boil. I want to go nuclear on idiots of this level of stupidity frequently, but alas, I have to keep food on the table for my tribe, so an assault charge wouldn’t benefit us… I have a God Daughter who is a person of color. She and my oldest daughter are best friends. This kid has pretty much been raised between two households her entire life, one being mine, and the other of her birth parents. She’s been free to go on summer vacations with my family many times and you’d think that I walked into a restaurant with a hyper-flourescent neon goober glued to my forehead by some of the looks my wife and I get for having a black child with our white family. I want to ask them “Where the fuck have you brainstems been since Wallace was shot?” Those people usually make eye contact with me and they know I can see their spots. I have yet to have anyone say anything to us, but man you sure can tell they’d like to. If that day ever comes, you can bet there will be swift kicks to solar plexus regions distributed widely and executed properly. I was best man in her parent’s wedding. I admit we looked like Crockett and Tubbs up there, but that’s a joke between me and her daddy for another time. You know as well as I do, color don’t make a fuck’s difference when your ass is on the line and the man next to you is in your team. We all bleed red blood in the end. The racist mentality of some people will eventually get them killed and that’s fine by me. True patriotism, liberty, and freedom has no ties to a color spectrum. My name is Aaron Hughes and I’ll defend those I hold near and dear to my heart with my life if I have to without question. The only thing I’ll take with me when I die is my name and it will not be tarnished under the division tool of racism. Some people need to get out more…

  3. I’m gonna remain anonymous for a good long while yet.
    Don’t need to see my face and name out there any time soon.
    (considering you’re going to be cursing it soon enough 😉 )
    James ‘millerized’ Miller

    • James Miller, you are the LAST person Bill would curse. You are a man of honor, are doing what it is you said you’d do, and from what I’ve seen are a square dealer. You are exactly the type of person Bill respects, if I know him at all, and I do. Very well.

      Craig “See Sea/Mayberry” Cavanaugh

      • That was sarcasm on my point. By name on SPLC, face on Beck and numerous other sites, and ‘head’ of the ‘I build shit to kill tyrants’ movement….I have a feeling I had no choice but to be public with my anonymity.

  4. Just like a bunch of fleas arguing around who gets to try to own the dog. Gangsters, always turf wars, across the dog. Those that bitch about the others are just pissing and moaning about sharing, it must be the Jews, or Muslims, or Blacks, or Mexicans, or Gypsies, or Catholics, or Baptists, you know, they are behind it all.

    It is interesting how the shooting war always blames the ones caught in the middle, the ones not able to speak, and mind their own damned business, and try to fix shit, and leave the world a better place for the kids. It is interesting how that is supposed to be not enough for an honorable life. I do not know if there are many ways left to be useful, and not be sold out. If there are, that would pay some bills, beats living like an animal refugee, even if what is left of humanity seems to sneak in, choosing not to bow down before lies, and money.

  5. Besides the proliferation of small minded, worthless racist pieces of shit claiming to be patriots infecting the liberty community while spewing their hatred and drawing dispersions on the cause of liberty and personal responsibility, the community is further tainted by tough talking keyboard commandos who can only thrive behind the veil of anonymity (which causes more suspicions and fear of the community by the uninformed populace). Neither group can stand the light of pontificating their views and supposed courage in daylight where they could be identified in the real world.

    While many of the groups/individuals promoting the “return to liberty” movement by standing up to and defeating the tyranny of the current corrupt ruling class are advocating for just that — true individual liberty for one and all, the rightful liberty of unobstructed freedom — over half of the groups are in reality just seeking to replace the existing tyranny with one of their own design, placing themselves as the ultimate arbiters as to how society shall function. If you don’t accept their religion (whatever it may be, including humanism in some cases), their political philosophy and laws, or if your skin is a different shade than they prefer, you are automatically to be excluded, not trusted and treated as a mortal enemy.

    That’s not liberty nor is it a return to our founding documents. America (not the corporate United States of America we have become) was founded on the principles so eloquently penned in the Declaration of Independence:”We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    It’s not only pretty difficult to pull together a united front to face our current tyrants, it would be just as contentious after the fall of the current tyrants if each and every group insists that everything be done according to their views of right and wrong, freedom and liberty to the exclusion of other views.

    Replacing one set of tyrants with another is a loosing proposition that will not only never gain traction, but would benefit no one in the long run. Fighting for liberty means putting aside our petty differences and uniting against the corrupt tyrants wielding unrighteous power over us now. After liberty is won — and it can be won if presenting a united front against tyranny — it means respecting that liberty and letting people live as they choose so long as they don’t unlawfully — unrighteously — trespass on the lives and liberty of others.

    Sorry for the long post, the rantings from the soap box, but you have opened a couple of festering wounds in our community that desperately need to be treated and or eliminated. In other words, you hit two of my major hot spots and emotions somewhat took over…

    I understand what Stackz goes through and why he generally bites his tongue — been there and done that under similar circumstances — and highly commend him for speaking out and saying it like it is. I would be proud to stand with him anytime and anywhere….

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