“All men are NOT created equal before God.”


I will not spoon feed this post, as it is intended for those that will understand. Although I will be expanding on the subject. There is a direct tie in the Patriot community to White Nationalism.

The White Nationalists have been trying to expand their network.

I also have links that will not be inserted TODAY. Yes I am hated by many………..The truth needs to be told.

Shall we start here with Christianity as a Necessary Foundation for White Nationalism, Part 1, 2 , 3.


Christianity as a Necessary Foundation for White Nationalism, Part
2: The Glory of God

Christianity as a Necessary Foundation for White Nationalism, Part
3: Design, Order, and Kinds

This quote is from Part Three in the conclusion.

The white nationalist movement needs to acknowledge God in order to properly
establish and conceptualize our intuitive obligations to save our people. Some
white nationalists attempt to justify their view based ultimately on freedom of
association: roughly, we ought to be allowed to choose our own company; we
should not be deemed racist for preferring the company of our own people and
teaching our children the same.

Another excellent site:

These obvious racist cancers and loons aside, all wings of the theonomy movement have long been highly susceptible to party-crashing by some genuinely screwy ultra-patriachalist, supermasculinist fringe folks, and the mainstream theonomists have, almost always, done or said little to withdraw the formers’ invitations.

These patriarchalists are nutty, and some of them are dangerous. For various stretches, the Theonomy-L mailing list has been taken over by them and related fringe whackos, and these people have made their presence known as well by their extensive involvement online, their web pages and self-anointed ministries, and their active participation in the conservative Christian school and home-schooling movements.

Various characteristics appear with these groups, but the normative commonplace ones are repeatedly seen, and are very amenable to theonomy, and often embraced actively by more mainstream theonomists. These include extreme androcentrism, often with accompanying misogyny. Theonomic churches often have post-service men’s meetings where the men get to sit around thinking deep thoughts, masticating over the order of the decrees and the number of crimes warranting the death penalty, to which the women are not invited, their being needed to cook and clean and diaper-change, to relieve their menfolk to do their thinking for them.

Extreme versions of this include the teaching that women are to obey their husbands in all things always, even when he commands a sinful act. Many theonomic women are themselves promulgating this notion on the Theonomy-L list and similar, often more hard-core fora, and theonomists are usually at least sympathetic to this teaching or softer-core versions thereof, the kinds that see women as primarily the slave-girls for their husbands, the “my glass is empty, get me a refill” types (even Doug Wilson’s Idaho church has an 8PM Sunday “men’s service” listed on its www site).

R. J. Rushdoony, Reconstructionist and Racist Bigot

“An employer therefore has a property right to prefer whom he will, and he can prefer whom he will in terms of color, creed, race, or national origin.”

“Selective breeding in Christian countries has led to … the progressive elimination of defective persons.”

“A ‘Litany’ popular in these circles identifies ‘God’ with the city, with the ’spick, black nigger, bastard, Buddhahead, and kike,’ with ‘all men,this concept runs deeply through the so-called Civil Rights Revolution… But …no society has ever existed without class and caste lines.”

“The move from Africa to America was a vast increase of freedom for the Negro, materially and spiritually.”

Lazy slaves were “an albatross that hung the South, that bled it.”

“The University of Timbuktu never existed. The only thing that existed in Timbuktu was a small mud hut.”

“Some people are by nature slaves and will always be so.”

“The urge to dominion is God-given and is basic to the nature of man. An aspect of this dominion is property.”

“The false witness borne during World War II with respect to Germany (i.e., the death camps) is especially notable and revealing…. the number of Jews who died after deportation is approximately 1,200,000 … very many of these people died of epidemics.”

“All men are NOT created equal before God.”

“The matriarchal society is thus decadent and broken… matriarchal character of Negro life is due to the moral failure of Negro men, their failure …to provide authority. The same is true of American Indian tribes which are also matriarchal.”

You can read the rest here………………………………………..http://www.patheos.com/blogs/unreasonablefaith/2009/05/r-j-rushdoony-reconstructionist-and-racist-bigot/


8 thoughts on ““All men are NOT created equal before God.”

    • I think it is sad thinking that this is titanium balls. But that is what the Alinskyites have perpetuated over the last several decades and generations. “Doing the right thing” had been beaten and bred out of us, save for a handful who escaped the brainwashing.

      I live by the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

      That is exactly what I judge a man by, the content of his character. His trustworthiness. His work ethic. His honesty. Color or ethnicity matters not.

      • My reference to Bill having “titanium balls” is patently
        correct and I stand by it.
        I did not make this comment lightly and without
        sensible thought and consideration.
        My comment is based on his moral and physical
        courage for publicly (correctly) defending freedom
        on two fronts; against the collectivists masters and
        the facist masters.
        My comment had nothing to do with not recognizing,
        understanding or misidentifying “doing the right thing.”
        I stand by my comment, that fighting a two front war,
        is the stuff that “titanium b alls” are made of.
        Especially when that war is being waged publicly,
        courageously and has attracted the bitter and
        dangerous hypocrisy of many supposed “Patriots.”

        • Trust me, I share your sentiments. I just think it it really sad for someone to think that a man speaking his mind has “titanium balls”. That illustrates just how far we’ve fallen as a nation. This should just be every day normal shit, but the P.C. crowd has turned it into “titanium balls”. Follow my thinking?

  1. This type of people will always be on the fringe, where they belong. They are a subgroup of a subgroup.

    Being half awake should be more than enough to instantly be aware when one runs into these fucking cretins.
    They are not subtle nor are they shy about their objectives.

    Shunning and ostracization are the order of the day when approached.

  2. SJCO,


    Racism will has occurred throughout history in one form or another, from one group to another usually over resources of some sort, albeit food, money, jobs, whatever.

    I expierenced much reverse racism when I was on the east coast in Virginia many years ago. Blacks versus whites, white boy this, cracker that. Its really, really hard not be a racist myself. It does not help when I see black dirt bags like Trayvon Martin on TV constantly committing crimes (I know that’s the media trying to “divide” people and start a race war that would be great for ratings)

    This will blow See Sea’s mind but I have a close friend which will remain anonymous and after I explain the situation you will understand.

    This friend of mine was attacked while sleeping by two black guys that were trying to murder him so they could rob him.

    He slepted with a pistol, woke up and saw one guy and in the haze of waking up, shot that guy in the head killing him. The second black guy came after him with a baseball bat and he drew up and just out of sheer luck, shot him in the head too.

    Less than a block away a Sheriffs deputy was patrolling and heard the gun shots and came running with lights on and was there in about 30 seconds (that was lucky) My friend of held in jail overnight and charges were dropped because it was self defence and the black guys that he shot and killed were wanted for armed robbery and had long criminal records.

    this happened many years ago and I am being very, very vague in all other details in order to protect my friend.

    It does get worse too…..

    My friend six months later was involved in an attempted mugging by another black guy and he was stabbed in the back by an exacto knife. He freaked out and beat the daylights out of the black guy and ran away.

    He got two stiches in his back and some sore knuckles out of that deal…..

    My friend now calls every black man who looks like a threat the N- word. I guess you could call it a form of PTSD of sorts. He does not wear a bedsheet or play footsie with the clan but he is traumatized never the less.
    Im not saying that he is right, that just the reality of the hard world we live in.

    I almost think its normal in most cases to separate people so they don’t kill each based on race. I not saying its a good idea, but I have no desire to live in a black ghetto because I know what will happen to me if I move there just because I am white.

    That’s just the reality’ as I said.

    Diversity and multi-culturalism will never work. Its all a myth dreamed up by some dirtbag liberal with a PH’D.
    People will have to find equal ground if they want to get along togather and it can not be forced like “school busing” or the new HUD diversity program. That will only create more divides and more racism and reverse racism.

    A “like minded” individual is of like mind no matter what color they are, and on those terms I can accept a black, Hispanic or whatever person they are.


    Sorry for taking up so much space on your blog. Thease thoughts have been festering for some time and I was finally able to put it togather.

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