Personalized Terrorism


It’s truly amazing how there are those that cry foul because their feelings are hurt, yet the same people take no exceptions to the death penalty for homosexuals, or the twisted thinking that only WHITES are allowed into heaven. Mind you “Certain” whites.

“All men are NOT created equal before God.” How on earth can this be a part of a doctrine of any faith let alone the Christian Faith?

Back to the butt soreness, said individuals get all lathered up… frothy at the gums…….”  They even want to claim victim status for their nonconformist views. Nonconformist? Really? Wow!

Wanting to murder homosexuals is a nonconformist view? Teaching your children the blacks are subhuman is a “nonconformist view” Teaching your children that only whites deserve to go to heaven is a “nonconformist view”

The urge to dominion is God-given and is basic to the nature of man. An aspect of this dominion is property is a “nonconformist view”

We now see phrases such as this one being used:

Personalized Terrorism


“we should be working to overcome these philosophical differences with ideas”

I see! I am supposed to embrace those that want to murder homo’s all the while said Victims run around espousing their hatred.

I am supposed to embrace those that state these types of things:

“A ‘Litany’ popular in these circles identifies ‘God’ with the city, with the ’spick, black nigger, bastard, Buddhahead, and kike,’ with ‘all men,this concept runs deeply through the so-called Civil Rights Revolution… But …no society has ever existed without class and caste lines.”

If said individuals are exposed for their radical beliefs………. it’s Terrorism?

I have more regard for the White National that openly spews his hatred. I abhor THOSE in the community that hide behind their white sheets and their anonymity. All the while trying to mainstream the White National Lights in the community.

I also abhor ignorance, nor will I surround myself with them. I have no intention of embracing ignorance of this kind…………………………………………


I will make it easy for you and place the direct quote into a quote block:


Myself and others are now being called out as “Terrorists” for exposing this crap in our back yard. The beef here is not about PC……. it’s far beyond PC. We are dealing with people in the Patriot Community that have zero regard for their fellow human beings, because of skin color or religion.

I also found it very odd that bringing this foulness to light, one then becomes a risk to the rest of the community. I am very confused at this point………………….

Haters that wish to use the Christian Religion as a reason to murder innocents and to help fuel a race war…….. you want to know what……..kinda sounds like Islam to me. Rather the Radicals of Islam.

Yet I am the Terrorist? I sit here shaking my head, it truly is a fucked up world.

I write about the inside with an inside perspective, I do so as with any op-ed:

So the Klan is all upset about my op-ed pieces, seems a tad hypocritical to me, after all they are afforded to write and rant and rail about anything or person they chose. And of course I have yet to see anyone call them “Terrorists” Even if I am their subject matter. No I don’t cry like a bitch, I take my head shots like a man.

I have never nor will I ever go cry to the perceived elders of the tribe, and with streams of tears cry “FOUL”  Perhaps if those in the community would act as the men and women they claim to be……………………. Grown men that open a can of worms and then go cry to momma. If the heat is too hot in the kitchen, stay the fuck out off the kitchen.

When you get your ass handed to you, except it like a man, no instead the cowards whisper and plot behind anon. If you agree to go toe to toe, don’t cry like a bitch when you bell gets rung. And for god sakes quit hiding behind your mothers apron.

Big John was right “Faketriots” This is why he shoved his magic beans up the asses of the Faketriots. Grown damn men running around as anon, running their sucks. Their poor bruised impish egos can’t handle any amount of heat. Now I ask YOU the reader………..WHO indeed IS THE RISK?

8 thoughts on “Personalized Terrorism

  1. Again, Well said! But, and I say this not to encourage you to back down or anything like that, WATCH YOUR BACK! These scum have a long history of being back shooters and the real patriots need people like you who aren’t afraid to speak up and “tell it like it is”. I’m too far to provide any kind of meaningful physical support but…… Take care and watch that 6 Marine!

  2. These white nationalists who call themselves Christians need to remember who the first Christians were…..

    Yet they claim to follow Jesus Christ who was a middle eastern Jew, but they only want whities in Heaven….

    My they are a confused bunch…..they must be demo-rats 🙂

    Keep plugging away Bill. A good festering sore needs to be aired out to go away.

  3. One
    truth can
    be used as
    a foundation for
    a mountain of lies,
    and if we dig down deep
    enough in the mountain of lies,
    and bring out that truth, to set it
    on top of the mountain of lies; the entire
    mountain of lies will crumble under the weight of
    that one truth, and there is nothing more devastating to a
    structure of lies than the revelation of the truth upon which
    the structure of lies was built, because the shock waves of
    the revelation of the truth reverberate, and continue to
    reverberate throughout the Earth for generations to
    follow, awakening even those
    people who had no
    desire to be
    to the

    Delamer Duverus

  4. Stumbled on your blog a couple months ago via Western Rifle Shooters. Your site had some edgy photographs and a few good reads…so I kept checking back. Now it seems like your blog is a satellite for the SPLC or some Antifa group. If I wanted to read this kind of shit I’ll pull up the Huffington Post. You had a good thing going —at least I thought. Later.

    • Considering “Antifa” groups range from the pseudo intellectual moonbats who eschews everything — including personal responsibility — to those who rebel against the new “friendlier” face of fascism shown by the corporate US Government (the Bush/Obama genre), being considered anti-fascism is not a bad thing in and of itself. In fact, it can be rightfully considered a badge of honor if it’s true and sole agenda is recognition of equal justice and liberty for all.

      I detest more the groups who want to replace the current US Fascism — The United Socialist States of America — with their own race/religion based fascism (shades of Nazi Germany and Aryan Nations) and dictate how everyone shall live in accordance to their perverted and twisted dictatorial rule. Unfortunately, we have a furiously festering societal infection based on people who believe “The Turner Diaries” are representative of a righteous and virtuous society instead of being nothing more than self narrative of personal and human waste setting up their own preferred version of injustice and fascist rule for all.

      Considering Bill is virulently — and righteously correct — in being anti-racist, along with being anti-fascist, it’s preposterous to in any way compare him to the SPLC (Southern Preposterous Lie Center) which is one of the most racist and fascist regime supporting organizations in the country.

      It would be “enlightening” (although pretty apparent already) where Holmgang’s ideology emanates from…

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