The whackadoo’s seem to be coming out from the wood work. Peeling a scab off is never very pleasant. Please note a recent love letter sent to me as a comment.

Holmgang on August 20, 2013 at 9:27 pm said: Edit

Stumbled on your blog a couple months ago via Western Rifle Shooters. Your site had  some edgy photographs and a few good reads…so I kept checking back. Now it seems like your blog is a satellite for the SPLC or some Antifa group.  If I wanted to read this kind of shit I’ll pull up the Huffington Post. You had a good thing going —at least I thought. Later.

Antifa group? Wow! You can’t help the brain broke folks.

Many in the community make claim the White Nationals are a very small fringe element in the Patriot Community. What I have exposed as of late does not coincide with this belief. Although one may never truly know how many of the roaches are lurking in the shadow.

My summation is based upon what is happening in the daylight, not in the dank shadowing depths of the community. I happen to believe the fringe is not hiding. The White Nationals refer these type folks as “White National Light”

Something I did happen to notice was the linkage to some very prominent Patriot sites on the WN blogs. Big Names.

I am well aware of the race baiters in the Black Communities, I am also aware of the race baiting that is taking place in the White Community and Patriot sphere, this cannot be denied. It is poison and it is very harmful, it’s also ignorance.

Have we not learned? To think it’s 2013 and there are sects of Christianity that are preaching “only whites go to heaven” WTF? The race baiting is purposeful, it’s also a distraction. Have we not learned?

Those in the community that turn the blind eye, shame on you! As a Patriot many of these folks gnash teeth and snarl about their God Given Rights that are being eroded by the Federal Government, yet their other fellow Americans can’t go to heaven because they are not white, or if they are homo’s they should be put to death.

This is why I don’t go to church! What the fuck have we become? Or? as I have stated in the past………………….. How do you take back what never actually existed? The premise that the uncle sugar is attacking the natural rights SELECTIVELY is absurd, sorry folks it’s merely our time in the hot seat. It has been a steady progression.

Sadly what we as whites are experiencing today, has already happened to the black community, we can’t blame the blacks for the actions of the Leviathan, regardless if there are black folks helping in steering the Leviathan.

Power corrupts, it corrupts the white man and the black man, sadly we are now in the same place as the black community was 30 years ago. yes it sucks… Big Time, again it has been a natural progression. We are all very familiar with this.


Now I want to pose this question……. Where were we when they Leviathan held open season on our fellow Americans of black decent? Where were we? We allowed it to happen, we did not stand up…… Oh we are now talking a big game because it is happening to us.

In the past I have always tried to explain it like this:

As whites we never really complained about what the government was doing in regards to its infringements on the black communities, just as long as we still held our positions in the big house. Now that we have been evicted into the cotton fields, we suddenly take an exception to Leviathan’s actions?

How many arm-chair quarter backs cheered when this law was passed understanding the Justice Department was going to use the law to target The black communities?


How many arm-chair quarter backs cheered when the private prisons were filled with the black man for petty, miniscule bending of Leviathans rules?


I could go on and on and on…………………………….Yet who really cared about our fellow Americans when the Leviathan shackled them up. Patriots? Really?

Do not blame the Black Man, after all it was OUR DUTY as Americans to protect our Fellow Citizens from the Leviathan…….. and we turned our backs, just as they turn their backs today. Yes there is rage yes there is anger. I suppose I would be pretty fucking pissed off too……. if my skin was black and my children were rotting in private prisons with life sentences.

Perhaps later we can go into the crack vs powder cocaine debate. As we know Leviathan’s system took the money for the powder, while the crack offenders who could not afford the bribes filled the private prisons.


I added this video. Watch and learn fellow Patriots! Fringe?



18 thoughts on “POOR WHITE TRASH

  1. Hafl-way there. When you stop thinking of people as black and white, except as a way to divide the search space when describing someone, you’ll be there. When a form asks for race, I write “Human”.

    • I agree Bill. I have little doubt that much of the race-baiting is government-directed “divide and conquer” tactics. What to do or say about race-baiting (other than “stop falling for this tactic”) is a big question. I tend for one thing not to refer to “white” and “black” but to “light brown” and “dark brown” which is at least more accurate. Also see this thing I wrote:

      Unfortunately, when the war breaks out into the open, all subtleties will disappear, and people will be killed for the most trivial reasons (among which will be melanin content). Oh, well! That’s humanity for you. One wonders that progress is made at all.

      The one silver lining to this race cloud is that an ever-growing percentage of the human race is “mixed”. Our race-conscious crap will eventually disappear through fornication. Cool, eh? 🙂

  2. You don’t get it. In order for the globalist bankers to achieve their goal of one-world currency and one-world government, they must destroy people’s loyalty to kin, culture and land. Whites are the biggest obstacle, so they must go first. The White male Christian father has been turned into a joke, nothing more (Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Peter Griffin, etc.). Yet, everyone has benefited from White society.

    Remember that scene in “Dances with Wolves” when the Pawnee invaded the Sioux village to take their winter supplies and enslave their women and children? That was daily life back in the old days. They were too busy scalping and enslaving each other to even invent the wheel. Today they go to college for free and own casinos.

    Black Americans live better than any other black population on the face of the earth. Oprah, Ben Carson, Barrack Obama, they took advantage of opportunities only available in White countries. What would they be if they were stuck in Africa?

    I recommend reading this with an open mind. http://issuu.com/robertoculusiii/docs/the_white_book?e=6928306/2596085

    • “they must destroy people’s loyalty to kin, culture and land”

      Sounds like something right out of “Mein Kampf”.

      Don’t look now, dude, but you are being manipulated. “Divide and conquer!” No, you have no excuse for shooting your dark brown neighbor just because of color. The actions of the ruling class do not excuse it, whether you believe what you state is their aim or not. Collectivism has no moral justification.

      • @Paul Bonneau

        Where in Bad Mr. Frosty’s post did he say he was looking for an excuse to shoot his dark brown neighbor? Also, what’s with the ad hominem reply associating his statement with Mein Kampf? Allow the man his opinion and if you dissagree—then disprove his points with intelligent counter arguments.

    • @Mr. Frosty: re “I recommend reading this with an open mind.”

      I’ve read and studied “The White Book” in an attempt to understand the basis of the assorted versions of white power, or the defense of the “white race” from genocide, or any other so-called justifiable glorification of the white race over all others, and other such drivel ad nauseum. I found it rather difficult to maintain an open mind (simple translation; difficult to stay awake and concentrate) when reading a close-minded summation of tautological reasoning based on nothing more than myopic suppositions teetering on fallacious and anti-intellectual thoughts charged with infantile emotionalism without substance…in other words, existential bullshit.

      At least “The Turner Diaries” had a (weak) story line of action while building and destroying straw men or emulating Don Quixote jousting with the metaphorical evils of the windmills…

  3. Not to take away or distract from the importance of this post.
    However, I just need to pass on this STD that I caught from
    Morning Joe(MSNBC) today.
    I offer you this arrogance of our enemies.
    From a debate about NSA and Fedgov spying, between Joy-Ann Reid(MSNBC on-air pundit) and Nicolle Wallace(former communications director for President GW Bush and McCain campaign staffer).
    Nicolle Wallace(sic): “It was part of the effort to keep some of our methods secret. because once they’re in “the New York Times,” they’re not as helpful or useful. Which is why I think president Obama has done the LORD’S WORK in improving and enhancing vastly, vastly augments the surveillance state in which we live. and I applaud it. I think that’s one of the things he’s done that’s kept us safer.”
    Of course, the traitorous pandering whore quislings of state propaganda, on set with her, pretended they heard not a peep.
    Make no mistake, I am not a naive cherry whose world view was imploded. I was shocked at the level of NW’s unconscious arrogance to let fly with that statement, without hesitation or reservation.
    Without question, it’s worth the effort to monitor enemy com’s.
    War it is then.

    Video link:http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3036789/#52808182
    Clip title: “Why Ted Cruz can’t win the fight defunding Obamacare.”
    Closed caption and text transcript options features are available with the clip.
    Nicole Wallace’s traitorous/domestic enemy shit about “Obama is doing the Lord’s work” can be heard at the 16:59 mark.

  4. I’m just a poor white hillbilly so you can take what I say with a grain of salt. I WAS/AM concerned about the things listed, i.e. three strikes, prisons for profit etc. I guess I’m just stupid or something because I never say it as a “get the black folk” thing. I saw it as a screw the poor folks thing and it still goes on. Hell when I was younger I drove really crappy trucks because I had better things to spend my money on than appearances (still do) I got pulled over all the time for nothing. The po-po would crawl all over looking for something to ticket me for (the truck might be rusty but was mechanically sound) and then they would give me some lame reason for pulling me over and let me go with a “warning”. I now drive a nicer truck and never get pulled over! I drive the same way so the conclusion I draw is that the “War on poverty” has different meanings depending on who the MAN is talking to, wealthy liberal or some poor blue collar white boy/ brother. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a lot of black folks around here (something like .3% ) They HAVE to have someone to mess with and generate income for the state! Surprisingly not a lot of white power/klan activity here either. I kind of wandered there but what I’m getting at is this has been aimed at everybody from the beginning Uncle is working his way up the food chain. Black folks got ate first! To hate them for it is beyond absurd to the point of stupidity! Bad Black guys? Sure But I can show you a hell of a lot more white trash scum bags in my neck of the woods, How about you all?

  5. I talk about this all the time on the site here http://wp.me/p2Qno5-h1 and here http://wp.me/s2Qno5-1376 are a couple. Your hard line against racist is one of the things that led me, a fan-boy of JWR to your group of sites. You guys take a hard line on this. Now let me tell you what I really, really believe is happening.

    1. I agree that there are more people who have done nothing in their lives, thus take the majority of their pride from the accident of their birth. There are others who are capable, who just have small pricks and thus have real feelings of superiority based on non-scientific race traits.

    2. The so-call “white” culture is so much larger and more important than the so-call white race.

    3. I really think there is an element here which is pure SPLC grey attempt to paint anyone who is hard core.

    JWR talked about this on his site. He says, once you have accomplished something, you often take “pride” in your accomplishments. I am a veteran, I know how to support networks very well, I am proud to be a father, etc. People without a lot of that only are proud of something that was an accident of their birth. Watch how people describe themselves and you will see what they take pride in. That does not mean you have to hate your gender, or your race, or your culture, it just says you have your own unique accomplishments. This is a basis of your III thought. Pride and respect in your individual accomplishments, thus you have pride and respect for other people’s accomplishments and thus you don’t come on my property (uninvited)!

    What “white nationalist” claim is actually Western Culture. The Western work-ethnic, approach to science. etc. Yes, most of the people who created this were from Europe (multiple races) but it was not only based on the race of people that this was created. There were plenty of barbarian peoples in Europe before civilization was forced on them. Outside of Europe, the Japanese have created an incredible society, the Chinese, the Ottomans (not Arab), the Egyptians had things going on in their time. However if you look through all of these civilizations, they have a common theme. Respect for the law, respect for tradition, respect for hard work and a job well done. I distill this down to “Western Civilization” not “white civilization.” I will tell you a truth. We and the -blank- world would be better off if more of it followed classic Western Civilization. Western Civilization may not be the “best” civilization, but it is one of the best I have found. I don’t hate anyone’s culture, I just think you can judge people by their actions. If they identify strongly with a non-Western Culture, that means something to me. Like you can’t date my daughter. And I don’t want to go to your schools. Now I don’t want to “enforce” that on anyone, but don’t come complaining to me about it, when you worship demons and you refuse to put away food for the winter and suddenly you find yourself hurting.

    The state knows what may be coming. They are smart. There are people getting paid 100K of salary with advanced degrees to “deal” with the growing threat of soft secession and what it could lead too. You saw the wonder-kid girl who is the Chief behavioral specialist to “nudge” us in the right direction? Thus the best way to deal with a decentralized insurgency is to disrupt it as destroying it is often hard. As a matter of fact I bet there are x number of analyst and algorithms set-aside just to watch you and yours (and me and mine). Now the government itself doesn’t (yet) conduct grey propaganda (well maybe it does) itself and it is not (yet) government employees are who provocateur during protest (hey lets flash this gun at the cop). They still subcontract that work out. “Online provocateurs” are normally out of places like MOVEON.org and SPLC. These are grey left wing hit groups some times actual commercial companies who “pretend” to be whoever, and “get” stuff started, primarily so you can type in something and they can later say “look here” he is a racist. I really believe this has occurred to some people and that there is a better than 0% chance that this is _some_ of what you are seeing. These are paid, or compensated online provocateurs pretending to be “investigators” who are just like any other FedGov sting “creating” the situation that you find yourself in, and then they saying “look here” this guy is a racist.

    Thus you are right, the people coming for us, and are coming for us, are all colors. We do want and have an American culture based on Western Civilization that should be taught in school. WN and others take pride in their race because in general they have not done any thing in their life. And be careful, by being public we are the targets of the SPLC and like groups trying to smear the entire Liberty movement with a racist brush.

    The reason they want the Liberty movement smeared such as “gun owners are neo-Confederate” is like last time. If they can say this entire thing is about (before it was slavery) some form of racism, then the entire world will look the other way as they do “whatever is required” to put it down. Racist are (thankfully) so hated that this is true. If they can convince the majority of Americans (and the world) we are a bunch of racists nut jobs, they win before the first .. “before the troubles begin.” Did you know that support for succession is highest among Black and Hispanics? 40% believe that states have the right to seceded. Wonder if this is because they are sick of “the man.” How do you think that support would go if every one was convinced it was just the new Klan?

    The more successful you are, the more beautiful chicks will show up and the more “people” will “reach out” to you to “cooperate.” We use to joke, hey since I got this (certain) fed.gov job, I must smell better to your Russian chicks. Yup. that is it.

    Be careful out there. Stay focused on the goal.

    • Bard,
      Great post! You put into words thoughts I had floating around but hadn’t fully formed. We have to be somewhat paranoid and cautious. Uncle would be more than happy to paint everyone with that brush. Also, the WN doesn’t necessarily have to “employed” just pointed in the right direction. Every single last one of them that I have met has “issues” doesn’t take much to wind them up like a chinese watch and set ’em loose. Hell the Feebs have been doing it since the ’60’s. Damn shame we have to waste valuable time on this! But that their point!

  6. Name calling. Great comeback to my critique of your recent postings Mr. Outlaw. Oh and a an opinion piece titled POOR WHITE TRASH with my whackadoodle, brain broke comment at center stage. All it took for me to draw personal attacks was to observe the similarities between your recent posts and that of the likes of Mark Potock, Timothy Wise and anarchists found the many Anti-racist Action groups around the country. Well Mr. Outlaw, if being a loving husband and father who actually works full time and most weekends, all while raising our own livestock and a vegetable garden makes me “poor white trash” then sir, I plead guilty as charged. If travelling roughly two thirds of the world and doing two tours in Iraq and one in the Balkans makes me a “whackadoodle” then once again guilty as charged. If researching public opinion and what I read and hear and formulating my OWN opinion makes me “brain broke” –yes sir, guilty on all counts. Please keep up the personal attacks. It will keep your fan base singing your praises.

  7. “Collectivism has no moral justification.”

    Doesn’t matter. The whole point politically (socially) is that a man may have whatever moral justification he chooses for how he lives his life. That would include his associations, duh.

    The NAP is a two-way street, else it isn’t there.

    A trapper would be thrilled to snare animals as easy as this.

    • OK, Jim, you’ve got me. Hey, I’m a Panarchist. I have no problems with racists if they leave me alone. I don’t even have problems with Communists if they leave me alone. But, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to disassociate ourselves from racism as loudly as we can, given the points made by the Bard above. Propaganda is part of the war.

      How about this? The real racists are those in government putting out the BS that dark brown people can’t make it without government “help”. “Affirmative Action” and that sort of thing. That should be our response when the SPLC does its propaganda thing, attempting to paint us all as racists…

  8. I find it funny that the ONLY people you find in the world who don’t “believe” in race and who don’t stick together as a race, are WHITE. Race is real. Acknowledging this doesn’t mean you want to attack other races, but if you’re not willing to stand up and defend your own race, the white race, against the constant and existential threat we face, then you are defacto Anti-White. We aren’t the fringe, we are the future.


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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