HTHTAWTSHTF and Compitent Assholes


Saw this early this morning……..

U.S. Gave Iraq Intel, Ignored Chemical Attacks In 1980s, Report Says

Keep voting if it helps you sleep. My plates came in yesterday, thanks to all those involved!

I would have to go back and look…… I do not call myself a Patriot, nor a Oathkeeper. Hurt feelings and plenty of red asses……abound!  My work is not complete, if I am in the presence of a gentle soul, I have the intuition to understand the presence. When in the presence of assholes, I have the intuition to understand the precense.

Granted there are far more assholes running amuck than gentle souls. Both get treated as their Karma dictates, regardless of skin color. Someone needs to write a series on “How to Handle the Assholes When The SHTF” What an acronym that would be……HTHTAWTSHTF

I suppose in the serious one could explain the different categories and subcategories of potential Assholes…… You could also devote an entire chapter on how to dispose of the bodies…….. wood chipper comes to mind, one would also need a chainsaw. I have always despised the process if digging deep holes in the Earth. Don’t get me wrong we will need our fair share of Competent Assholes when things get ugly.

What is a Competent Asshole…. you ask.

A Competent Asshole is a man or woman who has a deep-rooted understanding of right and wrong, A Competent Asshole will not use Christ and the Bible to start or enable some kind of holy war.

A Competent Asshole will not run around screaming NIGGER every time a person with brown or dark skin enters the room, he or she will also not own any freshly starched white sheets that might or might not be misconstrued as a Halloween costume. They also do not have swastikas tattooed on the belly. Note to self……. Any future meet ups with like mind, ask said like-minded to raise their shirts.

A Competent Asshole will not manipulate and steal from you or yours, yet still understands the need for the wood chipper and chain saws, I suppose the Competent Asshole could delineate having to steal the wood chipper……… and stealing from fellow Competent Asshole’s.

We must understand there IS a code of conduct for Competent Assholes, my apologies if this confuses you, if you are confused…… you might not be a Competent Asshole, you might just be a plain old Asshole. There really is a difference. Get It?

Note to Plain Old Assholes……………………..

If you are still into the left versus the right and a poster of the Gipper hangs on the wall in your office, you most certainly are a Plain Old Asshole. You can’t cure stupid.

The Universe tried her best with you, rocks do not make good conduits.

Funding Priorities

Provide Emergency Management and Homeland Security Services.

  • In light of the tragedy of September 11, 2001, emergency management has become an even greater concern in the community.  Emergency management teams are compiling information.  Cities and Counties are looking at local protocol more closely than ever.
  • Since there is still the possibility of terrorist attacks in our areas, emergency management teams are looking mainly at the Metroplex as being a possible targeted area.  In the case of a terrorist attack, we are looking at the need to house large numbers of people as well as the supplies and equipment needed for day-to-day survival.
  • Hazmat teams are going over bio hazardous protocol, and setting up small pox vaccination clinics and SNS response.  There is a shortage of trained personnel in these areas, as well as the funds and housing for stranded people if/when tragedies occur.  While it is impossible to protect all critical infrastructures, local government should identify critical infrastructures and plan for their security accordingly.  While terrorist objectives are to instill fear into the population, one thing that communities need and is readily available, is public water.
  • To address the security concerns, surveillance cameras, improvement of facility infrastructures of a city’s water treatment plan and its water sources are necessary.  During recent hurricanes, Katrina and Rita, while accomplishing goals and objectives of shelter and mass care, we identified the need to upgrade our procedures and protocol.
  • This can be accomplished by shelter management training, infrastructure upgrading, and memorandum of understanding with faith based organizations and non-government organizations.  Additional compensation is needed for Emergency Management staff since Homeland Security has expanded during the past few years.
  •   There is a need to hire, train, and maintain officers to protect in these areas: gas power and electrical transmission, water supplies, and the necessary food supply. There is also a need to upgrade/update the audio, video, and data capabilities of the local authorities.

More on the Oath Keepers from winfield, Texas.

4 thoughts on “HTHTAWTSHTF and Compitent Assholes

  1. Hope the plates are what you hoped they would be. Bill, YOU were the very first order. Thanks for your WRSA comments.
    I will do everything I can to get III what is needed for as low a price as possible. We can make this all work.

    • Dave,

      You are very welcome, and Thank You for putting it together! As soon as some spare cash loosens up, I will be ordering more. The plates look great! I will be shipping one set down to Corpus.

  2. Bill,

    I have that manual—

    Someone needs to write a series on “How to Handle the Assholes When The SHTF” What an acronym that would be……HTHTAWTSHTF.

    It’s called the Mozambique Drill.

    and yeah the plates rock. “The Armorer” is also the man.

    ps: seeds arrived, thanks.

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