Compartmentalization and The Texas PatCom


The community has many levels of individuals, some that have come full circle in their education process and some that stayed frozen in time, unable to avoid the quicksand. I guarantee you have met them all. The community also has many factions, the split generally has much to do with the education process as well.

I am not referring to a classical education, nor am I referring to a degree earned on the streets, rather a hybrid. The blogosphere is in some ways is a big think tank, some are able to understand and others…………………. This was my consideration when I put together the first PatCom……… A Think Tank of like-minded folks.

My philosophies are not complex, they need not be. This does not make a man simple. The ability to quickly turn from simplified to complex is a skill set, just as a humble person that has the ability to defend with ruthless aggression. Ironic Juxtaposition?

I can be a family man, who happens to also know how to use a wood chipper. I can own a business and still be fair to my customers, I can make a profit while still delivering the fairest price seen in retail. I can believe in the heavens yet dance with the devil if need be.

I learned long ago to stand with my fellow-man who has the skill set and ability to deliver. This is a very simple lesson, I also learned long ago……… those that try to manipulate in most circumstances think they are the wise old owl in the room, often they are not, and much red assness ensues.

Kerodin opened many doors in the Patriot Community, I have witnessed time and time….. The attacks against him. I have also seen those that can DELIVER gravitate to their fellows that also DELIVER. This is very simple. The expansion of affordable products to the community is growing, this is a very good thing.

If a man wants to work 18 hours a day with a business model based upon volume sales and affordable product for the end-user………. Why do the non-deliverers complain, and attack? They are still at it in the shadows…… whispering away.

I have seen the labels… Huckster , cheat, fraud. I have also seen the attacks on my business. You will NEVER stop a Man or Woman that has it in their gene pool to DELIVER!

“ The greater part of progress is the desire to progress. ”

—  Seneca

Compartmentalization is an unconscious psychological defense mechanism used to avoid cognitive dissonance, or the mental discomfort and anxiety caused by a person’s having conflicting values, cognitions, emotions, beliefs, etc. within themselves.

Psychoanalysis considers that whereas isolation separates thoughts from feeling, compartmentalization separates different (incompatible) cognitions from each other.As a secondary, intellectual defense, it may be linked to rationalization.Related also is the phenomenon of neurotic typing, whereby everything must be classified into mutually exclusive and watertight categories.

14 thoughts on “Compartmentalization and The Texas PatCom

  1. “Kerodin opened doors?” I opine his federal felony conviction and tendency to say he’s going to do things that don’t happen have done more to divide III than any single person in recent memory.

    The attacks on you, however, boggle the mind. You are about as controversial as a ham sandwich. The criticisms of you, therefore, are necessarily based on something other than your conduct/words.

    Oh well. So goes the community. There were 8 people secretly held by Oakland police since August 15 and zero reaction and or mention on any III blog (save mine). I have to suspect its because those nabbed were suspected to be minority “gang members” or in other words “deserving of their treatment.”

    Keep up your fight, I’ll do the same, and perhaps one day we can toast an iced tea in the Independent Republic of Texas.

    • Militia,

      I would have to say the QCB training, 111 Arms, my seed company and many other endeavors……………………….. I was not aware of 14 folks being arrested. In regards to the felony, I also had a felony and was able to get it espunged. His rap does not offend me.

    • I haven’t seen the first thing out of Kerodin to make me think he is anything more than an honorable man. If there is a single man in the “patriot” movement that hasn’t got something in their past they’re not proud of, I would be 100% shocked. Everything I know of K saying he was going to deliver on has come to fruition in one degree or another to this point. Until I see something with my own two eyes, my opinion of him will not change in the least.
      Josh R. III

    • MilitiaLaw: But for the empty holster rally in DC that I postponed due to general lack of interest, please share with the rest of the class the “…list of things he say’s he’s going to do that don’t happen…”

      Really. I’ll even ignore (for the moment) your taint-suckling of Vanderboegh and, to use your words, that he “…is a literal hero…” (on your blog)

      Please, list my failures.

      Start with the book I never published…oh, wait – I have published two, it’s your hero Mikey who still hasn’t published…imagine that…


      • @Josh R: Re-read my post. “Honor” has nothing to do with it. I said he’s divisive.

        @Kerodin: Your ad hominem attack and then mentioning someone not even remotely referenced in the original comment only emphasizes the fault I wrote about. It’d be nice if you were divisive because your comments are controversial, but the fact is your politics are on the level and nothing you write is far beyond what anyone else writes.

        Like I said, I think you are divisive because you don’t walk the walk and you are a federally convicted felon. Your run in with the feds a few years back does you no favors. The patriot community has a rich history of federal felon informants and so the trust is just not there, and in fact shouldn’t be there. “This ain’t no game” as you like to say and getting involved at any level with anyone convicted of a felony can be an unnecessary risk.

        But don’t get bent out of shape if people don’t trust you. Don’t blame me or anyone else that holds your past against you. This isn’t about “mistakes in the past” and trying to get a job. I’d hire a felon. And I’m involved with a group that only gives money to certain convicted felons, but I won’t participate in any patriot org where one is present. And I tell people to do the same.

        As a former prosecutor, for the rest of my life I have to bear the burden of knowingly participating in the use of snitches to convict men of crimes that shouldn’t be crimes. I was the scum I now rail against. We got snitches through pre-existing felonies and tax problems. So I’d be less than worthless and a complete monster if I did not shout from the rooftops the risk felons pose to folks involved in any kind of patriot group. It sucks you are in that group as your anti-OK position is almost unique and certainly commendable, but you have seen what I am talking about up close and personal. Feds don’t mess around, they don’t play fair and for those reasons people should give felons a pass in this context.

        And you can’t be serious about wanting a list of all your unfulfilled plans. You’ve been posting online for years: the 527(s); the two charities; the book tour; the radio ad. Is that enough? Should I post the RenFair fiasco? The Servicemaster fail?

        • So – you are a “former” prosecutor (responsible for just how many convictions based on the violation of the “defendants” natural/Constitutional Rights) and you are worried about “my” past? Wow. I mean…wow.

          Here are a few facts that I am certain will mean nothing to you: The 527 is a thriving success and helps Patriots both publicly and privately. The charities I have run fed thousands of people. The book tour resulted in very wide dissemination of III to Liberty and Our Fathers Weep. The Radio ads were in multiple radio markets, and resulted in a decent spike in new traffic when they ran.

          I’ll add a few more for you:

          CQB: I have helped train more than 100 Patriots thus far, with many classes scheduled for the future. III Arms: Launched and delivering III firearms via Jim Miller in less than a year since inception. The Citadel: Initial property owned and in the early stages of development, hosting a gathering of many Patriots in a few weeks, made national and international news, walked away from a tv deal, sat with Glenn Beck, and continues to piss off every Liberal in the country and quite a few “Patriots” who will never be more than loud-mouthed benchwarmers.

          You seem to worry more about the people who don’t trust me than do I. You know why there are no websites devoted to how “Kerodin ripped me off” – because I don’t rip people off. I don’t lie. I say what I mean and mean what I say. I know that is a foreign concept to you and the people with whom you choose to ally. I do not see one tangible contribution you or your pal Mikey have contributed to the Patriot Movement – and I don’t expect to, either. A commie and a prosecutor – not the stuff of which real men are made. By your own admission, as a prosecutor, you sent men to prison who did not deserve to go.

          Eat a bullet and improve the gene pool.

          Final note: If you are in “Patriot Projects” where you worry about the Feds, you are being an idiot. If you have something to hide and involve other Patriots, you are an idiot and to be avoided like the plague. Everything I do is in the open, with my name signed on the dotted line, and I never, ever whisper anything to anyone – I stand tall and whatever comes my way for being a Patriot, comes. Cowards and honey-traps use whispers.

          Real men stand tall.


          • Don’t use your strawman “I’m not ripping people off” bromide. No one says you are presently a scam artist, people only say you used to be an extortionist. Knock off the Alinsky garbage and just be specific:

            What’s the name of the 527 org? You said you created 2 but neither name shows up on a search. Even your wife’s alleged 527 isn’t listed and its website now redirects to

            If you’ve fed thousands, what’s the name of the charit(ies) you run? And what happened to the felon charity and the free HVAC training you were starting?

            Finally, where’d you go on your book tour? I recall you asking folks to buy your book and donate to gun dealers, but where did you go on the national book tour?

            And you really want to claim III Arms is your success? Mr. Miler is quite the artisan. He’s doing all the work. You’ve made exactly zero of the product. But you still want the “success” on your resume. That is remarkably similar to why your Sevicemaster case was thrown out of court, isn’t it? You thought you could just register some domain names and not do any work at all and the money would just come in. Then when someone comes into town and actually starts doing work, you try to claim the “glory.”

            You must agree your criminal conduct plus the RenFaire incident and then the Servicemaster lawsuit all could lead a reasonable person to be suspicious of anything you do now.

            Just provide the proof and dispel the suspicions.

            • Militia – first, it is very interesting that both you and Mikey decide to come at me once again right after Bill and I knock the teeth out of a few white national fucks. Close to home, eh? Sheets in your closet? Nazi tat on your taint?

              As to my business past and present – what the fuck makes you think I need to justify anything in my life to you? You are the only one complaining (well, you and Mike and assorted other losers in life) – not one single person who has ever had a direct dealing with me is complaining. Not one Prosecutor. Not one Attorney General. Not even one lawsuit. As to ServiceMagic – if you are a prosecutor, you know it was dismissed without prejudice, based on a standard failure to state a claim – we’ll re-file when we are ready. But really, how is that any of your business, how does it affect your life, and how does it help you do one single fucking thing to help Patriots? You are just one more bit of genetic filth that admits to having violated the natural Rights of your fellow man, and try to deflect your own stench by slinging poo at a real producer of results.

              Just like your pal Mikey, you sure do spend a LOT of time trying to tear down people who do real work, yet never seem to chalk up a single “win” in your life for the benefit of Liberty. Have you sold a single seed to help a single Patriot feed himself? Have you cut a single piece of armor plate to help protect a single Patriot? Have you donated a single item to a single PatCom to help raise money for Patriot causes? Have you ever questioned your pal Mikey about the decency of accepting hundreds-of-thousands of dollars of stolen medical care he is getting from real working men to slow the rate of decay of the cancer that is eating his rotten and pathetic ass?

              Enjoy your suck, you have plenty of it. By the way, are you planning to hide behind that screen name your entire life, or are you man enough to put your real name behind your convictions?

              Don’t bother to answer, I really don’t care. You are just one more shining example of why this country needs to put some bleach in the gene pool.


  2. SJCO,


    Interesting words “The blogosphere is in some ways is a big think tank, some are able to understand and others………………….”

    I never thought of it (blogosphere) this way.


    Myself, as I said before. I take care of my own house. I help my neighbors and have cleaned the meth addicts out of the meth lab up the street (they got evicted a few weeks ago)

    The next project will be to help the owner of the “former meth lab” clean the house out. This local, local, local thing really works.

    I am one man. I do not have a blog, but I frequent and post on many other blogs. I am not wealthy, I am not special, I am not a follower nor am I a leader. I am independent minded and I do my own thing. I do not work well with “group thought” or “commitee’s”

    When there is a common goal to be achieved, I may chip in. However, If everyone moves to French Guyana and drinks “The Kool Aid” Count me out!

    I do not like to be told what to do, however if you ask’ and depending on your request. I may comply, but do not “demand anything”

    Defiance is hardwired into my personality, like Henry David Thoreau. I would be willing to sit in jail for something that I believed in. (If I recall correctly, Thoreau’ refused to pay a “road tax” because the money was used in the war against Mexico)

    I am only one man.

  3. Militialaw,
    If Bill had written this post two years ago and you made the same observations about Sam Kerodin, I would have agreed with you. But it’s not two years ago. Sam has set up several things that are slowly but surely going to bear fruit. No, I still don’t like how he went about it at first, and I still think he’s as wrong as wrong can be about Vanderboegh, but Sam and I will just have to disagree on that. On balance, the community is better off with him than we would be without him.

    I’ve had two face-to-face conversations about your seed business where the fella I spoke to came back to me later and asked why they should do business with an asshole after they checked out your blog. I told them to ignore the blog and that JFisher is you not being an asshole. Not the strongest position to take in a discussion, but there it is. I never followed up, but if you’ve sent seeds to Palm Beach County or the Keys, I made my point.

    Keep running your business as you are. Delivering what you say you will, when you say you will, will shut up the naysayers. It might take awhile, but you will eventually hear silence from those quarters.

  4. Retract the White trash/Nazi post & attitude & you’ll get some business. Not mine, the local Co-Op is better for my location & prices. I applauded what you were doing until you made your latest “Racist” (codeword for anti-White) post. I believe it was titled “White Trash” or something to that effect. Written by someone who has lived in Appalachia, not Detroit or Memphis, St Louuis, Gary etc… you know, the poorest Whites in the Country, Appalachia. Those that don’t murder willy-nilly & collect welfare at 100% etc, blaming economics among other factors as an excuse for criminality (like blacks).

    Funny how the diversity embracing III percenters never open up shop in Diverse areas.

    • False dichotomy, Lex. It’s like saying, “If you’re not a socialist, then you’re a fascist.” No, those are two sides of the same coin; the real (extant) dichotomy is statism versus liberty.

      So it is with modern “racism” and “diversity.” The real dichotomy is collectivism versus individualism.

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