Vanderboob is at it yet again………………………………..

Kerodin, Nye and the others are attempting to write indiscriminate violence checks with their mouths that other people will one day have to cash in blood — when they themselves will be nowhere near the teller’s window.

I can’t speak for Sam, hey Vanderboob would you please REFERENCE my attempts to write violence checks. Please add the links as well……… otherwise its rumors and conjecture……… AND LIES.

Speaking of “WINDOWS” You do remember this? I have to wonder where was Vanderboob when he sent folks out to break the law and possibly to die for their actions, destroying Federal Property?

Break them NOW.

Break them and run to break again. Break them under cover of night. Break them in broad daylight. Break them and await arrest in willful, principled civil disobedience. Break them with rocks. Break them with slingshots. Break them with baseball bats.


The time has come to take your life, your liberty and that of your children and grandchildren into your own two hands and ACT.

Vanderboob, I guess it’s back on….. I was asked by an individual to quit kicking you in your balls. Well that did not last long. Your nutsack is going to be real sore dickhead. Any skins around that will loan me their Doc Martins?


4 thoughts on “BREAK THEM NOW

  1. I have an old pair of cork boots in good condition you can have, the spikes are still in good shape and they have steel toes. They are a size 11 I believe and I will pay the shipping.

    Why in the hell anyone on this planet still listens to a damn thing that comes out of his mouth is beyond me.
    Mike Vanderbough is the walking definition of Agent Provocatuer and apparently irony escapes him completely.
    Fuck him, hard.
    Two faced bastard.

    BTW Mikey, I know you are going to read this because your fucking ego demands you see the reults of your shit disturbing.
    I have a message for you.

    Fuck off and hurry up and die you piece of shit.

  2. No Doc Martins but I got quite a few pairs of size ten steel toes that will suffice. He’s just a fucking bitter old man who’s finally realizing he’s never gonna lead the charge and that people would rather follow a “drug-addicted loser” like Adam Kokesh.
    Josh R. III

  3. Vanderboob never seems to learn his lessons. Guess he’s has too many “Absolved Days” to pay much attention. Three years and still not published.Walked from a “dirty carry” and got his gun back to boot. No charges from “Break the windows”. Plays right out of “Rules For Radicals” while telling us he is “atoning for the sins of his (communist) past”…

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