The Idaho PatCom is next week.

Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed and Craig Cavanaugh…as well as the Texas PatCom has donated a raffle item for the event. “The Brute” 27 individual seed varieties.

The Brute weighs 25 friggin pounds / 700,000 seeds. The Brute is intended as a single package to one winner. Someone will be going home with a hell of a seed package. My retail value is about $1,000.00 for this seed package.

This same package if sold by my competitors would cost around $10,000.00 retail. Hows that for some perspective.

Good luck with the event Sam!

3 thoughts on “THE BRUTE

  1. I imagine everyone is on the road to Idaho, but they’ll be checkin’ in later. 😉
    Thanks again, I know we can always count on our Texan Patriots to back us up! (I know how Texans roll, my grandmother was from Texas!) 😉
    Interesting picture, that pig is coming as pulled pork sandwiches, but the monkey? Well, I hear they roast them somewhere, lol.

    • Queen if you look closely, the monkey has an A&M jacket and the pig looks like he is wearing an old Oilers jacket.

  2. Just recieved “The Brute”. The Patriot that wins that is going to be one happy person!
    Thank you again for your generous contribution to our PatCon. I hope to be able to reciprocate at some time.
    III to III
    Miss Violet

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