13 thoughts on “YOUR MERRY LEADER

  1. Needs to run his body instead of his mouth. Seriously, I have a real hard time taking someone who talks the talk(even when it is NOT agent provocateur bullshit) for real when getting their fat ass out of a chair knocks the wind out of them. Put down the Krispy Kreme and come out to the gym!

  2. Notice the CBS hat (Communist Broadcasting Station). Handler in the background.

    Not One More Inch…What’s that Mikey, whats left on your belt.

    Squinty eyed fat fuck.

  3. Motherfucker ain’t my merry leader.
    If your IQ is greater than your age then it’s pretty easy to see that the attention whore is someone to be avoided.
    It is unfortunate that he has decided to focus his remaining time and energy on the III and good people such as yourself though Bill.

    I’m sure you are a big boy and can take care of yourself in this aspect but if he insists on continuing his internecing ways then I would be more than happy to pile on.

    The sooner he can be shunted to the side the sooner everyone can get back to the business at hand without the distraction of a gnat buzzing you in the face.

    • Busted,

      It really is a shame, that man had the potential to do great things, how many men come so close to greatness in their lifetime….. only to piss it away. A real shame! “The Human Condition” It’s all good because Rhodes handed him his Gold Watch, too bad he did not take Rhodes advice.

  4. I’m not taking sides in this poop flinging contest. Both sides have their legitimate points along with some questionable assumptions and claims. I try to take the best form all three individuals, dismiss the bad and ignore the flying monkey poop. However, if you’re going to be posting pictures of your enemy it might be better if you used a current photo.

    While the above photo gives fodder to especially the anonymous poop throwers in calling him a “fat fuck,” “squinty eyed fat fuck,” etc — allows easy ad hominem attacks as compared to your reasoned arguments, which such attacks diminish rather than support — Mike is now a sickly looking old man weighing over a 100 lbs less than your picture of the current “Merry Leader.”

    His current physical condition is no excuse for his continued denigration of Sam over his felony record — an easy feat of accomplishment in this day or age, whether guilty or innocent — without allowing for change in a man who has turned his life to good from otherwise. It seems like Mike believes once a felon, always a felon without personal or public redemption.

    On the flip side of the coin you and Sam — most likely in a combination of retribution and defense — dwell on Mike’s communist background. Once a communist, always a communist?

    How can either side claim legitimacy of their own current endeavors if they both respectively point their fingers at their “enemy” and claim a man can’t change? Doesn’t that in essence mean their their own claim of change is but a smokescreen, an impossible task?

    I’ll continue to draw the good from all three individuals — and there is much in all camps to be found and appreciated — while ignoring the questionable and avoiding the flinging poop…unless it gets to be the overriding theme of the blog/s, then I’ll find other sources for information and support.

    • David Forward that is all well and good, except it is always MVB that starts this crap up. He is like a little kid who can’t keep from picking a scab and making it bleed, he just won’t leave it alone. Why should Kerodin keep quiet like a little bitch while MVB just keeps egging it on? Everyone is entitled to defend themselves and quite frankly I think he has restrained himself quite well considering the things MVB has said.

    • Ok I will retract the “squinty eyed fat fuck” and replace it with a sickly old quinty eyed uber ego skinny eyed fuck.

      People of that nature do not change their ways. they simply adapt as a politician does to a shift in politics

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