The Maid Freed from the Gallows


“Hangman, hangman, hangman / slack your rope awhile.I think I see my father / ridin’ many a mile.


Father, did you bring any silver? / father, did you bring any gold,Or did you come to see me / hangin’ from the gallows pole?”


“No, I didn’t bring any silver, / no I didn’t bring any gold.I just come to see you / hangin’ from the gallows pole.”

One thought on “The Maid Freed from the Gallows

  1. What is going on? All theses cops and recent arrest. There has always been corruption in Mt Pleasant Tx. Chief Burch needs to resign and they need to clean the police daprtment. Quit hiring these inexperience wanna be police officers. Now the City has a big mess. PORTER MUNOZ HATFIELD are guilty of their crime. They always liked to be in the front of the newspaper. How does it feel to be on the other side?

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