I have No Faith In The System…………..RETRIBUTION WILL COME, LEO you will pay for your crimes against HUMANITY, It is Out Of Gods Hands:


Where is the Proecutor? Where is the judge? These OATHKEEPERS need to be punished. Your brother, your nephew, your son.

Oathkeepers indeed. I can’t type what I want to say because I would probably go to jail for my words. Not one more inch? Not on our watch? My mind in is a very evil place after watching this.

I can say I really will not shed a tear, when the retribution begins. The shift commanders, their bosses, they are all OATHKEEPERS, the DA’s the prosecutors, every damn last one of them.

The better half called me on her way home from work, a local barney fife was outside of his patrol car….. standing in the middle of the street waving down motorists, 5-8 cars at a time, forcing them to pull over to the medium. This practice has been going on for some time.

31 thoughts on “I have No Faith In The System…………..RETRIBUTION WILL COME, LEO you will pay for your crimes against HUMANITY, It is Out Of Gods Hands:

  1. And we are worried about chemical weapons in Syria???? These animals are no different than any other thug that has served the wishes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro or any other despot!! We can no longer allow this behavior to continue.

  2. I don’t understand why no one rolled up and shot the fuck out of those pigs. If this kind of shit is allowed to carry on we are truly fucked. Make an oath to your self that if you ever encounter a scene such as this that you will put an end to it. this is one of the reasons I travel heavily armed at all times.

      • I never made it all the way through…

        Remember the fundamentals of shooting: Know your target, Know what is beyond your target (don’t hit any innocents), and aim small, miss small.

    • I second that Dean. The right people just haven’t come across such a wrong scene…yet.
      And I’m in Tower City,Pa. Gadsden Flag and all that. Coal Cracker to the core.
      Remember the Molly Maguires….


  3. SJCO,


    Why are there LEO’s flagging down motorist for no apparent reason?????

    Is it the practice of checking papers (License, insurance etc)

    This is a common holiday occurance in my part of South Texas. The seatbelt law thing, checking current registration, etc.
    Of course I believe it to be downright unconstitutional. Now if someone’s driving around with a broken taillight then the driver of the car is leaving himself or herself open to scrutiny, albeit probable cause.

    The way not to get pulled over in the first place is keep all your papers current, keep your vehicle in good repair and don’t drive like and idiot.
    I don’t really like most of the regulations of the state has in regards to motorists being hassled. I really don’t like intrusive “state inspections” in the State of Texas, but however at this time, there is nothing I can do about it unless I want stiff fines, lose my license and take a city bus.

    I think the forefathers of the country would be nauseated at the thought of yearly “Wagon Inspections” and yearly horse registrations.

    It would make good fodder for a satirical story or movie on the subject.

    • SJCO,

      I just watched that video…….

      very, very disturbing.

      SJCO, when did that incident take place????

      I got a feeling we will have another “Rodney King” Version 2.0 brewing with Riots and everything else.

      Mark my words SJCO. This is only the beginning of what happened in April, 1992.

      • It was uploaded on…..

        Published on Sep 2, 2013

        Long beach police beat man and knock his teeth out he is not resisting and still gets tasered…he trys to protect him self from the officer hitting him on his knee and shin.

        The guy can’t roll over because he has a ………

        The reason he can’t roll over is because he has a collapsed lung..and a broken elbow due to the blows from the baton…

        • Here’s my hangup with it…. Would it have killed those Freedom Enforcers to just simply bend over, get a good hold on the guy, and force him to roll over without cracking his shins with that fucking stick like they did? I mean, it’s obvious the dude wasn’t going to just jump up and sprint away from them at light speed…. My God man.. That was brutal. I know could possibly be a day in my life when I am harmed and perhaps killed for defending myself against an attacker. Never in my life would I ever consider that killing blow coming from a LEO, but it’s obvious with shit like this happening, it could be from their hands as well. AMERICA – WE’RE GONNA FREE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!!

  4. “Not one more inch? Not on our watch?”

    Seems to be the infamous last words of the patriot/restoration community — on par with and enduring as the Obamanation’s drawing red lines…over and over and over again, ad infinitum. There is no meaningful resolve nor backbone beyond keyboard commandos screeching their indignation, pontifications of what should be done and wonderment as to why ‘no one’ (else) has taken action yet.

    I’ve given up hope that a patriotic revival will rise up to turn the tide in this country — let alone hoping that Boobus Americanus will abstain from grazing on munchies while being entertained and indoctrinated by the food and circus societal environment that has been carefully crafted and maintained to mollify us.

    It’s only going to get much worse, not better. But the indignation, daring keyboard commandos claiming ‘enough’ while waiting to see someone (else) do something will continue, and ala Obamanation the lines will be continually redrawn until final confinement of the sheeple is achieved. And everyone will wonder why no one ever (else) did anything to stop it rather than simply redraw the lines all way to the gulag.

  5. Bill, I have and always will detest foul language especially my own in print. One reason I have not posted to your blog as I wished no association with yours as your posts and videos have on occasion been offensive to me. This post changed my mind about that and thank you for posting!

    There is absolutely no reason for the treatment of this individual in this manner, even by the time the video starts. Whatever his suspected crime was including shooting a cop. No One should be treated like this. I have dealt with many situations with chemically and mentally violent people in my past and once the individual is down with three to four people present you are in total control (If trained). I suppose we do still train our cops today on dealing with these types of individuals to include Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.

    This pisses me the FUCK OFF beyond comprehension. I am glad I did not witness this as I would have been FORCED to take action. Meaning I would probably be dead now.

    • This is a totally disgusting act of brutality! I am absolutely ashamed of the conduct of the officers present and I know in my heart that I would be, as you, dead right now!

  6. Someone needs to find out where those assholes cops live and cull the fuckers! Call it re-educating the police force.
    Seems the “oathkeepers” are just another useless group with their hands out looking for money with nothing in return.

    • That’s just harsh and hateful, Dave.
      Why are you unjustly shitting on
      the oathkeepers.
      Without question, they are taking their oathbreaking
      brothers to the woodshed for this shit.
      Don’t believe me?
      Recently, they girded up for battle against jackbooted
      brothers and placed a placed a large sign featuring President Obama as “Big Brother” at the Washington D.C. Metro stop closest to the White House.
      Now, what say you about that?
      A “useless group with their hands out for money.”
      No, far from it.
      They are the tip of the spear that will save our Republic.
      Ha, ha, ha, I’m just joking with laughs all around.
      Oathkeepers my ass!
      Those douchebags have not mentioned this beating, nor
      do they ever mention any of the traitorous crimes of
      their badger brothers.
      I have no doubt that each of those Long Beach badgers
      are due paying members in good standing with Stewie Rhodes.

      • Yup, that’s me, harsh and hateful. But honest. I call things as I see them. If the keepers were to rise up, (or at least make a comment or two) I might have a change of heart. Until then…

        • My previous post was a sarcastic joke about the
          “Big Brother” billboard their worthless asses recently
          had displayed in the D.C. metro.

  7. Where is the perp’s weapon? I don’t see any reason for the thugscrum to be “protecting and serving the shit” out of this half naked individual. Oh I see, it was a case of “officer safety”. One day, their worst nightmare will be visited upon them right there on the street that they think they own. It can’t happen soon enough……..III

  8. SJCO,


    I have been watching the mainstream news.

    Nothing about this video yet!

    I will continue to monitor to see if there is any interest or if its being suppressed.

  9. One day instead of bystanders looking at the cops through a camera viewfinder, it will be an urban sniper ranging these bastardos through a rifle scope. . . waiting for a clear shot. . at all of these boys in blue.

  10. After reading the book, Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 And The Final Solution In Poland. http://www.amazon.com/Ordinary-Men-Reserve-Battalion-Solution/dp/0060995068 My faith in any law enforcement agencies went down the tubes. The men who made up Battalion 101 were not soldiers of the Wehrmacht, nor were they members of the Gestapo, or the SS. They were dully sworn law enforcement officers.

    The above video(along with countless others) shows what ordinary men can become. No matter what their national heritage, and i also agree with you Bill on the approaching day of retribution will happen.

  11. Somewhere in all of that I heard a command to roll over (?) Kind of hard to do while you’re pissing and shitting yourself from the juice. Watch and learn, people. A moderate conservative independent is turning into a RADICAL NEOCONFEDERATE EXTREMIST before your very eyes. ADD ME TO YOUR FUCKING WATCH LISTS! Anybody got a match?

  12. “The right people just haven’t come across such a wrong scene…yet.”

    Nice summation.

    No comment for this; comments are the opposite of this.

  13. Words means nothing, protests mean nothing, complaints mean nothing.

    Actions are the only paradigm they understand.

    Don’t fear them, they are fragile, fallible and mortal. They eat, they sleep, they have families too.
    Know where they live, know what they drive. Make a list and keep it only in your mind.

    Time is short…

    Cogita ante salis

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