The Rack


The rack is almost complete, I will be wiring it up and installing timers. “The Rack” will allow for indoor germination of 1,000 plants at a time. My turn around after germination and hardening is about 14 days. I can turn around about 24,000 Heirloom plants in a year. It also allows be to propagate with cuttings.

I will also be using the Green House, the Green House plastic will be installed in a few weeks.


Green house plastic can withstand about 4 seasons before needing replaced, I am waiting until the end of summer, there was no need to burn up one year prior to being used. I am also working on a stick frame Green House as well.

The Rack is a prototype, the fixtures sell for about 400 bucks a piece retail, I was fortunate to pick them up for 5 bucks each, a friend helped find them. The fixtures were slightly damaged, it took me about ten minutes each to fix the shipping damage.

The light fixtures are the same that are being used in commercial growing rooms ( Mary Jane ) T-5 lamps, each fixture has 6 lamps. The fixtures came with the lamps. The lamps are Kelvin rated / 5,000. The higher Kelvin is best for germinating and stocky plant growth.

The light fixtures are “high- bay light fixtures”  The onion sets did not come in last week as promised, I was promised they would be in today. I am in negotiations on more product lines for the seed company, I can’t divulge any more details at the moment…….It is a very cut-throat business!

The expansion plans into the NE is in the works. Our first year here at Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed and Products has been a whirlwind. Thank you! There is much work taking place behind the scenes that can’t be discussed at the moment.


Fall time will be upon us soon, this means it’s time to start butchering. The hot Texas summer is almost over, Fall season for us is like Spring up North. We will be very busy this Fall with our gardens and expansions. This is the time of year we have the Mushroom Compost delivered, one load thus far. If all goes well the rest of the 100 cubic yards should come in this weekend.

Part of our expansion this year will be Sugar Cane, and it’s very easy to propagate.


7 thoughts on “The Rack

  1. Very cool. We made a PVC hoop house as well, but used that ugly orange ‘construction fence’ material as the top. Being in south Texas, the sun is pretty extreme. This material allows enough light to go through the openings and yet still provides enough shade to protect crop from excessive sunlight. This material also prevents birds and felines (love that soft dug up soil for their ‘bidness’) from getting inside the enclosure Killing off bugs is hand to hand warfare, unfortunately. Ugly as hell – but it works. Places where it gets really cold – probably not enough cold protection.

    It’s life span is good – 10 years and counting.

  2. Now Bill, you know damned well we aren’t even close to summer being over by a long shot. In South East Texas we have four seasons… December, January, February, and Summer. HA! I guarantee it’s gonna be at least 85 over in Liberty when I go hunt in November. It always is. Man them little Hampshire’s look like good eatin’ son! Sugar cane patch huh? Don’t tell Dr Pepper that.. They shit all over the Dublin bottling plant and had it shut down because the Cane Sugar recipe they perfected and distributed was degrading the GMO laced High Fructose Corn Syrup recipe they peddle in all of their other bottler’s recipes… Have a good weekend SJCO!

  3. “The higher Kelvin is best for germinating and stocky plant growth.” That and keeping the lights as close as possible to the plants will give them strong and fat main stems. A fan blowing on them helps make strong mains to, mimics the wind outside.
    I told you I was going to use the “hugelkultur method” in a small spot this year…Of course it worked, but will keep getting better and better every year. I didn’t water it once this year. Mainly because we had enough rain…We will see what happen next year. Oh thanks again for your seeds.

    • Craig,

      Agreed, that is why I went with the extruded aluminum clamping system vs one x’s sandwiching the plastic. It is a great system, expensive as hell.

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