Make no mistake about it…. we are at war with the Federal Yankee. We have been for a very long time. Denying this, is not healthy! What is your response when your child or grandchild asks why do you need all of that ammo?

I marvel at the fact so many Americans have or are in the process of buying Level 4 Protection. No Samantha this is not a new phenomenon. It has been big business for a very long time. BTW my “Condor Defender” should arrive today….. Thank You Doc!

Guns, ammo, long-term food storage. Some are just now getting on the band wagon on long-term food storage, even though it was not that long ago Some called prepping “Materialism” No need to go down memory lane. I sit here this morning wondering how Sam’s event went, I am sure there will be an AAR.

The Texas PatCom will be here before we know it, I am looking forward to “Unfinished Business”  Craig really nailed it! Some might know, and others might not. The first PatCom was held at my place, it was a concept I weaved together After Craig threw the idea out there about a meet up. The concept has blossomed all over the country, Local, Local, Local!

There is no boiler plate for holding a PatCom, all you need to do is figure out a way to get folks of like mind together for a meet up. The PatCom was never trademarked, nor should it ever be. It should remain Organic.

I am looking forward to meeting with like-minded folks, I am also looking forward to meeting up with Craig again…………… Craig has been working on a small project for me, I was advised he is almost done. Great man and very skilled! Many did not attend the first PatCom……………. because of fear, and Che did not help matters either, he bad mouthed me and the concept, he also did what ever he could to sabotage the event.

His efforts were not long-lasting, many others have gone on to host the event. I will take great pride in attending the Texas 2013 PatCom, why? Because it further strengthens the community, and Che will have zero impact this go around. I would like to make it perfectly clear, I gain zero satisfaction with the blood-letting from time to time, yet without it……………………………………

What some see as infighting………….Many do not understand the iron fist that stymied the community, there are still ongoing pissing matches. You CAN NOT control something that is Organic, the rhetoric that abounds about perceived leadership is bunk. Che nor Sam or anyone else for that matter……….. owns the community or the concept.

Snipes and snarks are nothing new. Opinions are like hairy assholes, disgruntled runts will always use anonymous to write slander and rumors. Most who know me undertsand I DO NOT use said tactics, I will link to what I purport to be the issue, I lay the wound open for dialogue. Some take issue to this, yet I have asked many, many times to prove me wrong.

It’s all very simple, if you get caught red-handed playing footsie with the White Nationals and the “Proof Is In The Pudding” is offered up on a Silver Platter with back up and links, please do not fault me. I don’t really give a rats ass if you desire to play tiddly winks with the skin heads, it’s the fact that you hide and disguise your actions and shout to the heavens “I been Framed” Credibility folks……………Credibility!

Same holds true to the politicians that hold public office…….. If you get caught red handed writing n***er this and n***er that and n***er should be hung, well you are just a DUMBASS, and you deserve what ever bad fortune comes your way.

I am not naive, I understand how the streets operate, I also understand the white race is hated……….. I am not full of “White Guilt” I merely happen to have full comprehension as to why we sit where we do today.

Listen real closely, if you go around talking shit and spreading rumors and tearing down good people’s character…… just because you think you are anonymous……………………… better damn well make sure you own house in clean. Think about it!

If you run your suck on the keyboard making claims such as: Kerodin is a scam artist, Kerodin is ripping people off, and you offer zero proof…………… better make sure your own house is clean. You see the problem at hand has nothing to do with infighting, it would not matter if the subject was Kerodin or the man in the moon. Lie, slander and misrepresentation will at some point and time get you a smack down………………………….when your own house is filthy!

Many have inquired about the details of my own pissing match with a few of the like mind, sides are alway chosen……..shirts or skins, it’s the human condition. I have been called everything from a psychopath to a liar. It’s all politics, all of it. Some of us have tried to play fair………. it does not get you very far when the opposition is turning every dirty trick in the book. It’s still politics.

In closing I would be very careful of those that refuse to back up their claims, anyone can say they saw XYZ Patriot having sex with a goat. Credibility is not an easy thing to maintain in our current culture, one is not deemed ‘credible” if they actively lie and slander and refuse to offer any proof or back up to their claims. On the same note…………..

To attack an individual and slander their character while making this comment ” I don’t Know The Whole Story”…………………..this is also a credibility issue. Remember folks “Not One More Inch”

Credibility does matter in my book! Those that have tried to harm my seed business and thus my family……………………Clean Houses folks……Clean Houses!


8 thoughts on “Credibility

  1. Credibility and honor, a handshake, are how deals were cloased in days past. Just like if a good girl associated with loose girls, she was called a whore.

    Guilt by association.

    Those that say they support Che, are nothing by whores by association….Quislings

    • Shit, that reminds me, I forgot to change my WordPress account to refelect my real name and drop the pseudonym.
      I already did that at my blog and for my blogger profile.


      Phil Paul.

  2. Sam’s meet and greet was excellent. Great company, great conversations, lots of training. This was the first time I met Sam, his intelligence and integrity is very obvious, but he isn’t loud about it. I’ve met only a few people in the last 30 years that I instinctively liked, he’s one of them.

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