2 thoughts on “GET IT? NO?

  1. Looks like the Syrian rebels — Al Quida — and their to-the-death allies, the corrupt US Government, made a large wholesale acquisition of black flag — not the insecticide variety, but the the genocide variety.

  2. SJCO,


    Kinda makes you wonder don’t it…….

    I saw something over at western rifle shooters association (if I remember right) about how (the powers in D.C.) don’t want a expanded Russian naval base over in Syria. Something about pipelines and oil production. I think it was called “Piplinistan”

    I think that’s why (D.C.) is looking at every excuse possible to get involved in Syria (even if they have to make something up)

    The part that is so sad is everyone can see right through the “horse hockey” coming from D.C. We know its a lie (that the Syrian government gassed its own people) . The world knows its a lie. The more they harp on it, the more D.C’s foreign policy looks like amateur hour at a local comedy club, or worse yet. A drunken Roman emperor making foolish tactical mistakes during the waning days of the Roman Empire.

    The political brinksmenship is very interesting.

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