Where did you sleep last night

Not to beat a dead dog….. I turned down the bull horn guy and for a while I questioned the sanity of that decision. In light of a few rather strange and wonderful happenings in the past few days, I am convinced I made the right decision. I was also very humbled by what happened in the last few days.

I hope the new relationships are successful for many reasons, after all I am not the only one that has bills to pay.

My utmost gratitude and thanks to The Dog Poet and to Michael Rivero. I am humbled by the generosity.

I made some noise recently about adding onion sets to the inventory of Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed. The Onion Sets never arrived, it has been two weeks now, I was fuming, I was mad as hell……. after all I needed the sales, I have bills to pay……………………..

The family farm that was to provide the Onion Sets, lost their son in an airplane accident, this is why the onion sets never arrived, I found out yesterday. I was humbly reminded………….life.

Instant gratification and wanting to please our customers can be a vicious cycle, while customer satisfaction is and should be revered, so should the quality of life and the Family Owned Small Business.

I wish to add more inventory from small mom and pop companies, I have intentionally shied away from them and their wares, why? Because they do not jump through hoops……. just because!  I am rethinking this entire process. I have limited my inventor to just garden seed, because my supplier is johnny on the spot.

I think balance can be found….. after all gardening and planting is seasonal for many, a timely fashion should still be respected with the understanding, when dealing with small mom and pop vendors, they do not eat salsa made in New York City. It will not change my business model.

I am hoping the onion sets will arrive this week or next, I hope the family gets to mourn and heal. I will wait patiently with the understanding and respect for a small family owned agriculture business.

I mentioned growing sugar cane, Rich is on board as well…… Local, Local, Local. Things may not be getting better…… yet our communities just might be on the right track, it is a slow and tedious process. I will be attending and I will have a truck load of Heirloom Garden Seed to barter.

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5 thoughts on “Where did you sleep last night

  1. Funny you mention a plant swap.

    Wife is meeting with some folks who garden, today, and doing what they are calling a veggie swap. She is taking some of our veggies and trading for some of the veggies we didn’t grow, in order to do some more canning.

    We were really blessed by our garden this year. After years of just barely making it, it really took off and became bountiful.

    I look forward to the onion sets, when you get them. I hope you are going to get some of the Vidalia onions. Those are pretty tasty.

  2. Mom and Pops are the road forward. The giant corporate oligarchy has wrecked what was once the greatest nation on earth and made us slaves to them. One way to fix that. Local local local, and starve the beast!

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