Locked Cages


I was informed the doors to the cages one day shall be opened, what ensues is either magic or tragic…… shirts or skins. Societal norms place restrictions on the inner beast, well there are always the exceptions. Empty cages….. no we are not having a discussion on the prison systems, although we can only if you are able to recognise you are imprisoned.

Societal norms state one side gets to play dirty, but not after the cages are opened……. and we are not discussing necessarily just the bankers and JBT’s. There are many in need for the evolutionist theory to be correct, after all just think how handy a second set of eyeballs on the backside of their heads would be? Strange juxtaposition for the snake handlers in the crowd.

Many will not want the cages opened, yet there is no choice in the matter. Our behavior in a normal societal vantage point might be two to three degrees away from an open cage concept, only if one recognizes normal as normal, yet another grand juxtaposition.

I am not in possession of a crystal ball, nor a magic lamp. I am not in great favor with the genie in the bottle, however sage advise given while the Sandman toils……….The cage doors will be opened, the horrible clatter from the rusted hinges will be just that. Your cage door will be opened. What shall you do? What shall you do?

I am not speaking in riddles nor in tongues, I am speaking of unlocked doors and empty cages……. open minds and closed minds, education and full circle with a pinch of local, local, local. You have been lied to……………………….. your home is not your home it is a cage, you have been lied to………………..your education was not an education, the programming has worked it’s magic, for others the hard drive was smashed upon the ground long ago.

The truth is not hard to grasp…………………….this is why we sleep at night, while the Sandman toils. The cage doors have been locked tight for a very long time. The zoo keepers world-wide are scared shitless so are many inside the locked cages, however there are those waiting with bated breath for the cage doors to be flung open.



3 thoughts on “Locked Cages

  1. Once the door swings open, many will transform in to their true self and the image waiting deep within the mirror is evil.

    Very few will balance the tight rope between the light & dark to do what is the neccessary evil that must be accomplished.

    Those that simply can not handle the open doors will be devoured

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