Quebec…………………… I am told is the place to visit. I am not going to get my panties wound up in a bunch over the Navy Base. Yes the sordid facts are still being twisted and used for propaganda purposes, and yes it would be wise to pay close attention. Sometimes you know what you know, arguing about it really serves no purpose….. so I won’t!

Lone Wolf? Patriot? Nutcase?

The question may never be answered………….without spin. I noticed a few things yesterday while watching the event unfold, many similarities as with the Boston Bombing and the California man hunt for the rogue cop. TPTB really are incompetent, so are their goon squads.

The PTB are also very, very afraid, this should be clear! At the moment I do not think the events yesterday were a FF, I happen to think otherwise, and the structure shit their pants…….

We marvel and report on all the technological advances our government has at its disposal, I have noticed a pattern of ineptness with said advances concerning the local Jack Booted Thugs or on a Federal Level. The bully will always have the upper hand…… until he gets his face caved in. Then the paradigm changes….. BIG.

The Russian officials are laughing for a very good reason. We may have much to fear, or we may not. The jury is still out, yet the evidence is overwhelming. The officialdom has over burdened itself, and it can’t execute properly with all its new toys. This is not to say practice will not make perfect.

They are not there yet, the ineptness shows through. One man……….. One man. Now what if it had been twenty well-trained patriots. You do remember this from 1997?……….

One thought on “Moles

  1. The ones with the weaponry and initiative always have the upper hand. I like you when watching events unfold certainly expected a different outcome. I have been by that naval facility and from the outside it looks like a fortress. I fully expected for the “shooters” to be muslims on a Mumbai type mission.

    I didnt figure a guy who was arguably demon possessed to pull this off.

    I also thought that military facilities, especially after the “workplace violence” attack, to allow weapons to be carried.

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