I have been busting my rear end trying to get projects completed, fall gardens are one of the projects, the rack should be completed soon. heirloom onion sets are in. I will have them up at the seed site this weekend. Life goes on!

The mushroom compost has been arriving by the dump truck load this morning.

2 thoughts on “Gardens………….Compost

  1. I know you are incredibly busy, but when you have a moment, would you consider writing a post about growing mushrooms? I am sure I am not alone in wondering about the process, including what varieties are the easiest to grow. Thank you again for all you do with your blog and your seed service.

    • Calyx,

      Thank you for the kind words! I really don’t know much about growing mushrooms, I love to eat them…… I had to give them up because of issues with Gout.

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