The “Rack” has been completed, I can now germinate up to 1,000 seedlings at a time. Each section of lights can be turned off via a disconnect, the retail cost on this project is around 3,000 bucks. I was able to get it done for under 300.00, the light fixtures and lamps were the most expensive part of the project, I paid 5 dollars a piece for the fixtures and lamps. The retail cost on the lamps and fixtures is around 450.00 ea.

One of the 1/4 acre gardens is complete. The mushroom compost was added yesterday and it received a final tilling after the compost was added. I was able to plant the pole beans, 70 linear feet. Later today I will start hand sowing much of my fall garden. I have my flats ready to go under the grow lamps, hopefully in the next few days it will get done.



It really was not that long ago that a few of the frat boys took me to task on my “Plan” I happen to believe in controlling my food source on a local level, seems some of the peanut gallery were also upset about the money I have spent prepping. As I noted earlier I do things on the cheap, I could never have afforded that grow rack if I had to pay retail.

I network and barter in my AO, the five loads of mushroom compost were bartered for a Saiga 12 ga. shotgun still in the box. The retail cost of the compost was 1,000.00. Three loads came to my place and two loads were delivered to a family near me that have a front end loader and three-point hitch tiller. I bartered the two loads of compost with the family to dump and spread and then till all of my gardens.

We also built a compost bin for our kitchen waste, I use this soil for my transplants and germinating flats. It’s 12 ‘x 9′ x 4’, it is located right next to the rabbit hutches.


I am still bartering ammo for many of my local purchases at the local feed store. My place grows and thrives because of my sweat equity and bartering, I recently bartered some piglets for some work done on my place, I wrote not long ago of the AC taking a shit and bartering the repairs for Heirloom Garden Seed.

The raised garden beds are ready for planting as well, I planted the Blackberries late last fall, I will be taking cuttings in a few weeks and propagating hundreds of Blackberry plants. You can see the wood stacked next to the smoke house.


Working on my Local, Local, Local has paid off in spades…….. No it’s not perfect! But I prefer to think macro…….. One county at a time. Permaculture on a local level is growing in leaps and bounds, I am not a master gardener, you don’t need to be!

A small cadre of like-minded folks are meeting up this weekend for the Texas PatCom 2013 ” Unfinished Business”  It will be a very low-key event!  Bringing like-minded folks together and working on your Local, Local, Local is paramount. I take no exceptions to folks storing beans and rice in five gallon buckets, trust me I have done the same. I am looking at it on a macro level, on a county level.

By design it is a complex endeavor, we need contacts and like-minded folks outside of our AO, within a few hours drive. The networking should apply to your own county as well as contacts outside. Think of the premise as a Citadel without the walls and no one has to move across the country, BTW this is not a slam against Sam and Company….. rather a compliment, I am borrowing parts of their concept and implementing it in my Local, Local, Local.

Here are a few pictures of the Ghost Chili Plant ( Bhut Jolokia Red Pepper ) There are no words to describe how hot this pepper is. It is an evil plant!



We already have brewers, farmers and gardeners, folks raising livestock…… methods of making fuel. Guns and ammo. Stockpiles of Heirloom Garden Seed, folks are growing and saving the seed. There are vegetable plant swap meets popping up all around me and neighboring counties, think about the ability to ( as long as the grid is still up ) germinate a thousand plants every couple of weeks, how many people can you provide food for?

I am being told of green houses that are being built in my AO. My green house is 1,500 square feet, think about how many plants can be germinated and grown? this winter I will use my green house as a garden, the compost has been stockpiled and will be tilled in sometime this week. The plastic will be installed in a month or so. I will be able to grow tomatoes, pole beans, summer squash, even during our hard freezes. In the spring I will turn it into a grow house for vegetable plants to barter in my AO. BTW I bartered a pistol and a little cash for the hoop house frame.

Things are still in infancy stage, I am convinced the tide is turning in my……. and neighboring counties. There are many that shake their heads, this changes on a daily basis. One day at a time folks…….. One day at a time.

Stackz so sorry for your loss!


6 thoughts on “Local………Local………Local

  1. Quite the setup Bill. I especially like your Man Cave, that’s pretty cool.

    It is, very, inspirational what you have accomplished already and you are doing it the same way things like this were done for thousands of years.

    My grandfather did exactly the same thing with his place back in the day.
    Ya can’t say enough about just how effective it can be if done right.
    Be it trading hard goods or skills and time, it’s amazing what you can accomplish by bartering, this is a perfect example.

  2. Damn fine set up Bill. I have a couple contiguous neighbors with 4 acre gardens. They truly have green thumbs. Our barter is simple, my tribe provides seed and security, the farmers provide fresh food and veggies (pork, goat,chicken,eggs included).

    Local is the ONLY way folks are gonna survive. Gearing up for deer season here too, they are thick. I literally saw over thirty today alone, all within 10 minutes of the homestead. Keep pushin Brother.

  3. Awesome!!! Great job Bill! I’m with you on the local and barter deal, just not to your level (yet!) The fall garden is doing well, survived a couple of light frosts, looking forward to hunting and trapping season. Keep it up!

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