Garden and Life


Worked the garden for a few hours late yesterday, looking forward to the fall butchering of a few pigs. I am thinking about a cheap way to add an out-door canner. I could do the canning and butchering in a outdooor setting. But it has to be on the cheap.


I have seen these at Lowes, it’s a modular storage shed. I will have to wait until I get all of my projects completed. The Heirloom Onions are being offered at

I have some Heirloom Garlic Seed that I have not put up on the site, I only have ten pounds. I might do a few private sales with the garlic. There are some changes coming with, nothing major…………….. I will be shipping orders on dedicated days in the near future. More later.

Been keeping an eye on the earthquakes this morning……. Curious to see what the squish count will be? I have not seen much reporting of the quakes in the MSM in the past few hours.

Going back to work part-time in the construction arena will free up some cash flow, and I have a huge list of projects i want to get accomplished, it looks like next week I will start commuting again. The seed business has been very succesful, we have sold thousands of pounds of affordable garden seed.

I have accepted a position to help start up a new General Contractor, they would prefer I work full time…. I declined. Part time will allow me to keep up and running until next spring. I have had several offers to buy the buisness. One from inside the 111 movement, and another from one of my compeitors.

I will hold on to the business and allow it to grow. We should be able to double our sales next year. The lean months of the garden seed business is here, especialy for a new start up company. Many thanks to all those in the community that supported and helped to promote

We are very pleased to have been able to provide affordable Heirloom garden seed to those in the community. I am close to having my Heirloom Ribbon Cane and Sugar Cane in hand, if all goes well I will be planting both soon!

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