Texas PatCom 2013 ” Unfinished Business”


Texas PatCom 2013 ” Unfinished Business “

I am smiling like a possum and I am stoked The Texas PatCom 2013 is just a few days away. I will be arriving at Padre Balli Park on Friday 9-27-13, before Noon to get my campsite set up. I made reservations this morning / 361-949-8121

There is water and electric at the individual campsites, I was advised to bring lots of bug spray and a extension cord for the electric, the kind young lady recommended a 50′-100′- extension cord.

I will be packing today, Craig and a few others will be setting up Friday as well. I have a short list of items I will be bringing a few items to do some horse trading.

I will be bringing this as well”


I saved this charred piece of firewood, it was all that was left of the first ORIGINAL PatCom / PatCon in the CONUS. Many folks have held their own PatComs in thier Local, Local, Local. This small blackened remanent is symbolic of “Unfinished Business” Texas PatCom 2013, and will used to ignite the first campfire on Friday Night.

No one person can own or capitalize on the PatCom movement, it is an organic concept……Just as is Local, Local, Local!

I was reminded a few days ago of the History Channel ” Prophets of Doom ”  program. I watched it for about an hour and the conclusion of all that sat on the panel………………………………….LOCAL, LOCAL,LOCAL!!!!



I look forward to meeting those that will be attending, as stated the Texas PatCom is about like-minded folk getting together, organic! There are no Merry leaders. This meet up is about face time and discussing networking possibilities. Anyone can hold a PatCom / PatCon. It’s all about getting out and meeting with your Like Minded Neighbors in your Local, Local, Local.

See you in a few days on the beach!

Rain or Shine!


6 thoughts on “Texas PatCom 2013 ” Unfinished Business”

  1. My party will be late Friday, but we are looking forward to a great time of fellowship.

    I will be bringing some items for trade and helping fellow III get set up, as well.

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  4. SJCO,


    That first pic is “See Sea” with his pet possum.

    I gotta admit, Im missing a few teeth and I drink old style regular “Coors Banquet Beer” and eat “Whataburgers” like they are going out of style.

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