Local, Local, Local


Texas PatCom 2013 ” Unfinished Business ” was a great success! Many thanks to all those folks that came out and participated in the event. I had the opportunity to meet some very well-rounded folks.

The weather was phenomenal and so was the food, thank you to those that provided the great BBQ! America is not dead, not yet. The sleeping giant is awakening, a reset button will at some time need to be pushed, how dark the horizon may or may not become is irrelevant. We are still Americans, and we will overcome the impending darkness on our doorstep.

Sitting behind a keyboard can not and will not allow the perspective of like minds gathering for a few afternoons. Much of the cynicism and anger tends to subside briefly when gathered in a group of people who get it………. Local, Local, Local.

I hope those that attended will continue to attend future events and possibly hold their own PatComs. Craig and I discussed the possibility of a fall event.

Thank you all again for making the trip down to Corpus Christi and sharing your thoughts and stories………………………Local, Local, Local.


7 thoughts on “Local, Local, Local

  1. Glad it was a successful event. It’s sometimes hard to find time to gather since we are the ones working to support those who have ample time on their hands. Hoping to one day get to meet more of you guys. Take care.
    Josh R.

  2. Glad to hear that it went well. I’m trying to beat the “Local, local, local” on every web site I comment on.
    Now more than ever the word needs to be spread along with ideas on how to achieve it.
    Keep up your great work, Bill.

  3. SJCO,

    (The Breakfast taco formerly known as captaincrunch)

    I really enjoyed the humor, jokes, and strange women falling all over the place. I will also never look at breakfast taco’s the same every again without thinking of you guys.

    Sea See e-mailed me, he wants to be a surfer……

  4. It was a great meet-up!
    Beautiful weather, good food, and absolutely Unique people!

    Next time, we need to get ahold of a “Mosquito Magnet”

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