The Kiss of Judas


My apologies You Tube will not allow me to embed the video, please watch, it is very short.

I am not a bread and circus type of guy……. When I got a whiff of the Liar Keepers newest reinvention…. some might claim old Stewie and company are just now spreading their wings, perhaps late bloomers?

After reading the shameless self promotion from Stewie et al, a pattern started to appear in the article…………..

“So, to bring that second prong of our mission back where it belongs –  with equal attention paid to it along with RTI to the current serving –  we will be including the Operation Sleeping Giant mission on our main  website, rather than having it on some sister-site (which is not getting  it done).”

Stewie and gang are reinventing the Oath Keepers, it was very clear to me, even though they tried very hard to state this program was part of their mission from the get go, I call bullshit! Stewie and the Board of Directors are now DISTANCING the LEO Arm of the organization, this might just be smoke and mirrors.

The recent avalanche of Jack Booted Thuggery has damaged Stewie’s bottom line, he and his board members have blackened eyes for supporting the LEO Arm for as long as they have. They should have walked away long ago!


What we are witnessing is damage control, guised as expansion of an existing faction of the Oath Keepers organization. This is not to say Rhodes will not be succesful, I believe the re-branding will actually be highly successful. It actually is quite brilliant. Regardless of the Flim Flam associated with the organization, I do believe the Veteran side will organize rapidly and enjoy robust numbers.

You nor I will stop this organization, the new tactic will succeed, there very well might come a day when a hard decision will have to be made……To join…..or not to join. Regardless, Stewie and company are well on their way. I take zero gratification in these recent developments, yet I am wise enough to understand this freight train is not going to slow down.

It may be lipstick and rouge, yet while the lights are turned down………….what does it matter, the whore looks good in the dark. And the beer goggles do help. I am not suggesting anyone should embrace the latest and greatest………..I am merely stating DO NOT under-estimate the evolution and transformation. After all, if Stewie is succesful……………… some point and time a Bounty for his head on a platter will be issued, if it has not been done already.

The leadership of Oath Keepers will transform yet again after the coup. The Militant Veteran Arm of the organization WILL not allow the current leadership to stand. It’s a WIN……WIN.

An Oath Keeper Coup will be bloody and it will be messy, the organization could transform into the New Continental Army.

Vanderboob has not come out and made a statement, it could be because he is at the doctors getting his hole cleaned again, watch very closely to what the Dear Leader has to say on this matter, regardless if he embraces it or not, I am not going to make a prediction……… Yet it will be important for reasons not demonstrated in this article.

We very well could be watching history in the making. Stay tuned!



Think real hard about that link to the burning of the jersey……………………………………

9 thoughts on “The Kiss of Judas

      • Are you saying there’s a club and I ain’t in it?


        This Oathkeeper situation is worrysome though.

        These people are stepping into the danger zone.

        It’s bad enough I have to keep an eye on the LEO, now I have to watch out for these wannabe’s too.
        As they have zero legal authority to do jack fucking shit, all I can see here are little squads of Mall RentaCops running amok.
        As far as I know there are already a couple of official organizations that are recognized to do these things.

        The Police Reserve and the National Guard.

        These cowboys are going to be stepping on toes with this little plan.

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  2. Alot of dancing going on, isn’t there? I guess that one day our nations judgement will come down on us. I do think that the 1860’s will hold nothing over what is headed our way. Dang shame too.

  3. Comes down to money. Aligning themselves with LEO, and the JBT ways currently on display across the USSA, has not made membership (hence money in pockets) rolls. Finding another cash cow, those who will mistakenly think they are joining an actual ‘oath keeping’ organization, will fill the coffers long enough to find another funding source….and fuck over another group of Patriots along the way.
    I joined when they first came out….but left soon after when I noticed it wasn’t the folks that were originally headed to the Green like they said they were. Turns out they were headed for the green (in your wallet) and the green at the 19th hole with said green.
    Seriously…any group that willingly invites a communist to speak at an event….really NOT where you want to be.

  4. Smell the money and the fear. They have never seemed quire right to me. Prefer the shadow lands myself. Just saying…..and the ones who I can trust, REALLY trust. Commies, spit!

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