Fall Garden Update


We are well on are way into the fall garden season, I started to plant about 11 days ago. I am germinating my cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower with my indoor grow rack. I was able to plant the beets and about 700 onion sets yesterday.

The 2nd crop of watermelons is in and ripe, ready to pick………………. yes Samantha we can get two crops of Watermelons. I have much more I need to get into the ground, I have been shopping for my out-door canning building, I will also use it for butchering, and hanging onions and garlic to dry and store.


4 thoughts on “Fall Garden Update

  1. Hard freeze last night. Garden is kaput.

    I kept things covered through the first frosts, and got some more tomatoes, but now it is all done. I’ll be letting the chickens in to clean it out before I pull everything that is left, then till it all under for the winter.

    Had a good crop, this year. Corn did better than it ever has. Broccoli got infested with aphids, as did the cauliflower. To hell with organic, I’m going full on pesticide next year.

    Got lots of ghost peppers, habaneros, jalapenos, green chiles and bell peppers. Didn’t plant enough beets and carrots or green beans. Strawberries did pretty good — we got tired of picking them. Onions did very well.

    Squash got killed by some kind of bugs, but I got some before the bugs killed the plants.

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