Requires & Desires


The path I chose differs from many….. I also started over a decade ago on my place, it has been a slow process. I paid for my improvements over the years as I could afford them. Money is still tight, I know… I know, the perception is I have gotten filthy rich pimping heirloom garden seed.

We all have enemies, mine want my seed business shut down. If you can purchase your Heirloom Garden Seed cheaper………………please do! Yet the problem at hand is my detractors refuse to provide links or phone numbers to the so-called cheaper avenues. Typical Cowardly Patriot Community Tactics.

Panties are all bunched up because Bill Nye is getting rich…………………… Of course if my detractors had any sense about them…………… They could do the rather rudimentary 4th grade math and tell the world just how rich I have gotten. But you see that is the problem, they refuse to do the math.

I have bitched and moaned for how long now in regards to how folks were getting ripped off? I did something about it, how many others can say the same? I exposed the exorbitant price points the seed pimps were charging, I offered the links to the whole sale companies and provided the true cost of the Heirloom Garden Seed.

The fact of the matter is……………….. my garden seed company is not going anywhere, it is solid, regardless of the runts that are actively trying to get me to quit. I have helped to reset the market, this goes on un-noticed.

For a few…… there is an epic shit storm coming. I warned them to leave me the fuck alone, this did not happen. Lies and propaganda taken from a page or two of vanderboobs play book, good for ya! Now you are about to view a few pages from Bill Nye’s play book, and it will not be pretty. Petty little men who have already made their own fortunes, are so worried of the hourly wage I collect selling affordable Heirloom garden seed to the community.

You will soon reap what you have sown………………..and some! I put my heart and soul into this little business, I offered fair prices and great service, two of the major components lacking with the big boys of the industry, yet a petty few could not stand to see a man helping the community……………………………….Ye shall reap what you have sown.

The storm clouds are forming dick heads, I hope you are ready. Many see the battles offered publicly, yet you are not afforded the battles that take place behind closed doors, It has been a struggle…………………… Do you think I am the only garden seed company that buys from my wholesaler?  Much pressure and shenanigans takes place behind closed doors. I do have competitors that have placed much pressure on my wholesaler, and it has not been easy. Like I said I reset the market, many are not happy with me.

Resetting the Heirloom Garden Seed Market has placed thousands of pounds of seed into the patriot / prepper community from my sales alone. Now think about the millions of dollars of sales my competitors have sold at reset price points. Now let me ask a question…………………….how much impact have my actions had?  How many folks benefitted from my actions?

The runts are barking up the wrong tree, instead of attacking the whores that are pimping overpriced garden seed, they chose to attack someone actively busting their ass for the good of the community, and doing it for an hourly wage to boot.

The problem at hand is the cowards of the community do not have the balls to go after the big boys, no they would rather hide in the dark and attack the weak link of the business. I have demonstrated in the past…………….I have a set of balls, and I have and continue to challenge the Big Boys!

In closing I would like to thank again all of the folks in the community that have supported and purchased from us! We will not be bullied! It has been a great season!

To the runts……………………..FUCK YOU! Get ready for the shit storm! Because it’s coming.

I have to wonder…………………. why were the runts not questioning seed prices prior to the start of my company?

4 thoughts on “Requires & Desires

  1. God Bless, Bill.
    The riches you have garnered are not those the others choose to scrabble after yet they envy what you have accomplished.
    Patriot Plate did not make me a dime yet every letter or email brought with it a bounty of good will that money would never provide. I was able to touch Patriots and give them what they otherwise could not afford. Frankly I believe they got much more for much less.
    Keep the faith Bill.
    Rest assured you do not stand alone.

  2. I appreciate what your doing Bill! Also appreciate that you have a set! I’ll be ordering soon for next year. That is unless TPTB screw up my V.A. benefits, then I’ll have to sell a knife or two and it will take a bit longer (I’m back ordered now!) Good to have skills! I wonder what the coach potatoes are going to do? Market their mad Dancing with the stars watching skills?

  3. Keep swinging, Bill.

    Your legitimate competitors will whine and complain that you are under-cutting the market. But there is only so much that HONEST competitors (and wholesalers) will do – because the moment a legitimate wholesaler cuts you out of the loop for your retail pricing, they bring the Feds into their worlds for price-fixing. No HONEST wholesaler or competitor is a real threat.

    Now, the small people trying to shut you down who are motivated purely by personal hatred of you – they’ll use any tactic, including spreading lies to your wholesaler, et cetera. Look up “Tortious interference” – Your lawyer starts asking questions about that topic, and even the men with tiny man-parts will think twice about continuing, because a lawyer WILL take their house for you. And in this world, the legal system is a tool that can cut both ways, it is a legitimate tool for you – you have not shown up on their front porches and knocked their teeth into the backs of their throats because “Good Men” seek non-violent remedies – until no more good options remain on the table.

    By the way, you know, I was thinking – in the economic world in which we live these days, small towns and counties are constantly looking for ways to earn money, or recover money that was mis-spent by their officials. For instance: A small town has a Mayor that gives jobs to unqualified fucks who they call “friends” – that is not only unethical, it is illegal as hell. And if a mayor was willing to mis-spend the money of the public for friends, imagine what a forensic accountant could dig up from the financial records, with almost no effort. And in today’s world, if a small town thought it had been ripped-off by a PoS petty functionary (Mayor), they would be obligated by law to investigate any complaints that come into the offices of the town council, the county Sheriff, the State Attorney General – and they’d probably put that piece of shit mayor into prison for stealing from them, while taking his house and all his money (stolen from the People in the first place) and putting it back in the town treasury.

    btw – I’d be happy to write that letter of complaint.

    Just sayin’…

    K 😉

  4. SJCO,


    The only problem I have with your seed business is that you don’t offer “Instant Whataburger Seeds” where I could plant one of them in the ground and five minutes later a hot “Doublemeat with Cheese” pop’s out of the ground ready to eat.

    (for you non-Texans’ Whataburger is a large burger chain down here that out does everything else on the planet far as hamburgers go)

    SJCO, see if you can develop instant ‘cold Shiner Bach beer seeds too….

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